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Add employees in QuickBooks Online Payroll (UK)

There are two versions of payroll for QuickBooks Online UK. This article is for QuickBooks Online Payroll.

If you have PaySuite, view this article.

How do I know which version I have?

If your Employees page looks like this, you have QuickBooks Online Payroll.

User-added image
If you see 'Powered by PaySuite', view this article.

Ready to add your employees to payroll? Let’s get started.

What you need to get started

Before you start, you need to gather some basic information about the employee, such as their proper name, date of birth and contact information.

  • If this is a new employee, you can find their info on their most recent P45. If your employee doesn't have a P45, ask them to fill out the HMRC's starter checklist.
  • If you’re switching from another payroll, get their last payslip. If you have their P11 Working Deductions sheet or details of their last FPS submission, you’ll need that as well. You will need to include the Tax and NI information for payments already made to your employee for this tax year.

To add an employee

  1. Click on Employees on the left hand side of the screen, then go to Employees at the top of the screen.
  2. If you are setting up your first employee, click Add your first employee.
  3. Fill in the employee’s legal first name and last name, then select Add my Employee.
  4. Fill in the employee's gender, date of birth, email address, and address. Click Save and next.
  5. Enter the employee's start date, their pay type, and how much you pay them.
  6. Select whether the employee has been paid since 6 April. Depending on your answer, you will be required to fill in different fields:
    • Yes, by another business - check the employee's P45 to find how much they have earned this year, and how much tax they have paid.
    • Yes, by my business - use their latest payslip and P11 to fill in the boxes with the amounts you have paid them so far this year.

    Click Save and next.

  7. Fill in the employee's tax information, then press Save and next.
  8. Review the information on the last page. If you are happy with this, or you need to make any changes, press Done.

That’s it! Your first employee is now all set up. To add another employee, click Add an employee from the employee list.

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