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Remove duplicate transactions


You have the ability to remove duplicate transactions from bank feeds.  Deleting downloaded transactions from Bank feeds depends on which mode/view you are using.

Register mode

In Register mode, your view shows your register on the top part of the screen and the downloaded transactions at the bottom.

Note: If you know that QuickBooks is correct and want to delete the transactions that do not match, you must delete the entire statement after matching the appropriate transactions.

  1. Choose Banking > Bank Feeds > Bank Feeds Center.
  2. Select the statement from Items Received From Financial Institution and choose View.
  3. Match the appropriate transactions and select Done.
  4. Choose Yes, in the Not Finished Matching screen. You will return to the Online Banking Center.
  5. Select the same statement from the Items Received From Financial Institution and select Delete.
    Note: Deleting the statement will prevent the unwanted transactions from appearing the next time you download a statement. If you do not delete the statement, the transactions that were not matched will always appear.

Side-by-Side mode

Downloaded transactions can be viewed on the left side of the screen.

  1. Choose Banking > Bank Feeds > Bank Feeds Center.
  2. In the Items Reviewed section, select the name of the account with the transactions you wish to remove.
  3. Choose the Select Items to Delete button.
  4. Select the transaction(s) you wish to delete.
  5. Select the Delete Selected button.
  6. Confirm deleting the transaction(s) by selecting Yes.
    Note: If you're finished matching your statement, you can select Select all downloaded transactions older than and set the date to the last statement end date, then choose Delete Selected. If you're unable to delete all transactions, switch to Register mode to delete the statement.

    To switch to Register mode:

    1. Go to Edit > Preferences and select Checking from the left panel.
    2. Go to the Company Preferences tab.
    3. Select Register Mode and select OK, to save your changes.