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Switch between banking modes

QuickBooks Desktop supports two bank feeds modes Express and Classic mode. Choosing a bank feeds mode changes how transactions are displayed and handled.


  • Renaming rules created in Express Mode are NOT available in Classic Mode (Register Mode), and aliases created in Classic Mode are not available in Express Mode.
  • You can change between the two modes as often as needed or as required for troubleshooting.

To switch between Bank Feeds modes:

  1. Ensure your QuickBooks Desktop is updated to the latest release.
  2. Ensure you are in single-user mode. (There should be no [Multi-User Mode] beside your company name in the title bar.)
  3. From the QuickBooks Edit menu, select Preferences.
  4. On the left pane, choose Checking then go to the Company Preferences tab.
  5. In the Bank Feeds section, select the mode you want to use:

    Express Mode

    User-added image

    In this mode, you use the Transactions List window to add or match transactions. Renaming rules are created automatically and they are more flexible than with Classic Mode. To go to the downloaded transactions list, select Transaction List. Note that if there are no downloaded transactions ready for adding and matching, you will see Download Transactions instead.

    Classic Mode

    User-added image

    This mode uses the account register to add or match transactions. Aliases match names exactly and you control when aliases are created. To access the transactions and start adding and matching them, select View.

  6. Select OK.

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