QuickBooks Online and Orbirental now integrate!

Are you a property manager and need to find a better way to keep track of your income? QuickBooks Online is what you need.

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Orbirental and QuickBooks Online integration

Whether you’re using AirBnb, HomeAway, TripAdvisor or more, all of the money you’re making can be tracked in QuickBooks Online with the new Orbirental integration.

Zero data entry

Orbirental bookings are automatically entered as sales in QuickBooks Online

Know how much profit you’re making

Have QuickBooks crunch the numbers for you to create monthly owner statements

Owner-due commissions calculated

It even takes into account expenses incurred

Choose the right QuickBooks Online for your property

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More about the integration

  • The system will automatically authenticate and connect an Orbirental user to their QBO account
  • The integration with automatically associate an Orbirental property owner (effectively, the client of a Property Management Company) to a QBO customer
  • The integration will automatically define a property as a QBO sub-customer
  • The integration will automatically associate an Orbirental booking to a sales receipt on QBO
  • Customer + sub-customers on QBO can them be computed to report on P&L by property owner
  • A QBO user can then run EOM Net P&L to see what Property Managers owes their owners (their clients)
  • Property Managers can also post owner expenses, and QBO can report on owner-due commissions that take into account owner expenses (expenses incurred by the PMC on behalf of owners, such as home repairs)

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