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Set up QuickBooks Time Kiosk on Android

SOLVEDby QuickBooksUpdated March 10, 2023

Note: Before performing the steps below, see: Time clock kiosk: how to get started

Step 1: Install the kiosk feature in QuickBooks Time, and get the device authorisation code

  1. On a computer, in QuickBooks Time, go to Feature Add-ons, then select Manage Add-ons.
  2. Scroll down to  Kiosk, and select Install.
  3. Select Add Device, then Other device and write down the authorisation code.

Step 2: Install the QuickBooks Time kiosk app

QuickBooks Time Kiosk prevents navigation to other web pages by hiding the URL bar.

  1. On the device, go to Google Play, and tap Install.
  2. Open QuickBooks Time Kiosk.
  3. Enter your company's QuickBooks Time web address OR company identifier, and select Next.
    1. Find your web address or company identifier in Company Settings, then select Company Details.
    2. Tap Company Info, then look for Company Website or Company Identifier.
  4. Enter the device authorisation code you got in Step 1 above.
  5. Select Authorise. Kiosk launches. At this point, all team members will be able to clock in on this device. If you only want certain groups or individual team members to clock in and out from the device, see how to manage time clock kiosks.

Step 3: Set kiosk preferences

Back on your desktop, select Done on the authorisation code window. Under Kiosk name, select the authorisation code to open the kiosk preferences. The following steps are all optional:

  1. Under Kiosk Name, type a new name.
  2. To limit which users can clock in/out on this kiosk, under Team Members, select all team members and make your selections.
  3. Under Require Photo on Clock in/out, select Yes or No to enable or disable photo capture.
  4. Under Device Language, select English (United States) or Spanish (United States).
    1. The language selected will be the default for that device. A team member can individually choose English or Spanish while they use the device, until the session times out.
  5. Under Record Location, select Yes or No to enable or disable location tracking for that kiosk device. Depending on the device, when you first launch the kiosk with this requirement, the app will ask to use your device’s location. If you accidentally disable location for the device, go into your device's location settings to reenable it.
  6. Under Team Member List, select Show or Hide. Selecting Hide conceals the team member list, but team members can still find their name by entering it in the search field.
  7. Under Team Member Working Status, select Show or Hide. This setting allows QuickBooks Time to display or hide a coloured dot next to the team members' profile pictures. Green = clocked in; Orange = on a break; No dot = off the clock.

Step 4: Limit device use to time clock kiosk

This step prevents team members from navigating to apps other than Time Clock Kiosk.


  • Only Android version 5 or higher allows screen locking. These instructions might be slightly different depending on your device's operating system version.
  • We recommend that you use your device's built-in system for screen locking. We have found that using third-party apps to lock the screen causes problems with the kiosk app.
  1. On your Android device, go to Settings, then select General and Security.
  2. Scroll down to and tap Pin windows.
  3. At the top right, tap the toggle to ON.

Step 5: Set team member PINs

Setting team member PINs:

A team member needs to be enabled before they show up on the Kiosk list. Upon first login, they will pick their name from the list displayed on the kiosk. They will be prompted to set a PIN.

If you want to set their PINs, in My Team, select their name to open their details. In the PIN box, enter a four-digit number, and select Save.

If a team member forgets their PIN:

If the team member has a phone # on file, they can choose “Text Me a Code”. This provides a temporary PIN, and then walks them through setting up a new PIN.

Or, they can use the QuickBooks Time password option if they have been set up with a password and know it.

Finally, you may want to distribute to team members or post near the device: how to clock in and out via time clock kiosk.

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