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Send and Record JobMaker Employee Notices

by QuickBooks Online Payroll Standard Updated 7 months ago

If you have registered for the JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme and want to make a claim, your eligible employees must first complete a JobMaker employee notice.

Learn to send and record the JobMaker employee notice via QuickBooks Payroll powered by Employment Hero using the JobMaker Employee Notice feature.

To access the JobMaker Employee Notice Section:

  1. Select Payrollfrom the left menu, then select Reports (next to Payroll Settings).
  2. Under ATO Reporting, select JobMaker Employee Notice.

When navigating to this screen, you will notice that all active employees are listed in the report, regardless of eligibility.  As such, you should refer back to the eligibility report to confirm which employees are eligible before sending employees the JobMaker notice. You can read further information on assessing employee eligibility here.

Send notices to eligible employees

  1. Tick the employee/s that you want to send the notice to.
  2. Select Actions, then select Send notice.

This will email the employee with a link to the notice, which is a form that the employee needs to complete.

Manually record employee notices

If you have been issuing and receiving Employee Notices outside of QuickBooks Payroll, you can manually mark that you have received them.

  1. Tick the employee/s that you have received the notice from.
  2. Select Actions, then select Set nomination to 'Agree'.

If you set the nomination to 'Agree', this confirms the employee is eligible for the JobMaker Hiring Credit Scheme and has not been nominated by another employer.

If you set the nomination to 'Disagree', this confirms the employee is not eligible as they do not meet one or all of the criteria or otherwise have been nominated for the Scheme by another employer and so cannot be nominated again.

Once this is done, you can upload the nomination under the Notice column for future reference.

Clear an employee's notice

There are two circumstances in which you clear an employee's Notice:

  1. If an employee's details recorded in the system are incorrect, or;
  2. An employee's circumstances have changed which means their nomination has also changed, e.g. an employee initially disagreed to the nomination because they were nominated by another employer. They then resigned from their other employment making them now eligible with this employer.

To clear a previously recorded notice:

  1. Tick the employee/s that need their notice cleared.
  2. Select Actions, then select Clear nomination.

Please note that all historic nominations are tracked in the Employee Details Audit Report.

After recording the Employee Notices, the next step is to record JobMaker Nominations in the pay run.

Content sourced from Employment Hero

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