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View QuickBooks Time timesheets

by Intuit Updated 1 week ago

Learn how to view your team members’ timesheets in QuickBooks Time.

View timesheets

View the actions taken related to the selected timesheet, including clock-ins, job or customer switches, clock-outs, edits, and more.

In QuickBooks Time, select Time Entries, then Timesheets.

  • To view your own timesheets, select My.
  • To view your own and your team members' timesheets, select All.
  • To view one team member's timesheets, select All, then search and select their name.
  • To view today's timesheets, select Today.
  • To view timesheets for a different day, select Calendar , then the day.
  • To view timesheets for a different week, select the < > .

Customise the display

To choose which columns are displayed, select Show columns , and tick or untick the column types. Only 6 columns can be displayed at a time, including any custom fields you’ve set up, photo attachments, and geofencing flags. Tick Wrap text to expand the rows to make all text entries visible.

Explore timesheet options

  • There are three actions you can take next to any timesheet that isn’t locked.
    • Select Edit Time edit job icon to make changes to a timesheet.
    • Select View Log to view all timesheet history, including edits.
    • Select Delete Time to delete a timesheet.
  • Manager edits are indicated by Edited by Manager next to a timesheet. To view these edits, select View Log next to the timesheet. The user field is displayed in red for manager edits.
  • If the Location column is displayed:
    • If you have location tracking turned on, selectSinglemap_QBTime_US_Ext_052323.png display map to view the associated GPS map.
    • If QuickBooks Time Web displays, this indicates time tracked from a computer's web browser.
    • If Automated displays, it was a clock in performed automatically for the user, like after an automatically ended break.

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