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Find previous reconciled adjustments

When you run a reconciliation and it doesn't balance, you have the option to create an adjusting entry. Once an adjustment is accepted and created, the memo field displays Reconcile Adjustment.

To view, edit, or delete an adjustment at a later time, you can either use the Search function or run a report.

Use the Search function

You can use the Search function to locate all reconciliation adjustments.

  1. Select Search icon on the toolbar.
  2. Select Advanced Search.
  3. In the Transaction Type field, select All Transactions.
  4. In the first criteria field, specify to search by Memo.
  5. In the second criteria field, choose the Contains option.
  6. Enter Reconcile in the Enter Memo field.
  7. Select Search. The Search function searches for any transaction with a Memo field that contains the word Reconcile.

The list of results contains all of the reconciliation adjustments that have been created in date order, starting with the most current.

Run a Transaction List by Date report

You can customise the Transaction List by Date report to display reconciliation adjustments within a date range.

Note: The Transaction List by Date report only applies to QuickBooks Essentials and Plus users.
  1. Select Reports.
  2. In the For my accountant section, choose Transaction List by Date.
  3. In the Report period fields, select the appropriate time frame or set custom dates.
  4. Select Customise.
  5. Select the Filter option.
  6. Select the Memo checkbox and enter Reconcile Adjustment in the field.
  7. Select Run report.

The report lists all transactions with Reconcile Adjustment in the Memo field within the specified date range.

Now you know how to find previously reconciled adjustments.

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