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Assign a lead accountant

Learn how a Lead Accountant is assigned.

The Lead Accountant is the firm team member who is given access to a company file and subscription. In this article we explain the different ways a Lead Accountant can be assigned.

Note: The Lead Accountant feature is part of improved technical functionality that’s being introduced to QuickBooks Online Accountant firms. We will be gradually releasing these features to customers.

Client invitation

If you receive and accept a client invitation, you are designated as Lead Accountant for that client. Once the invitation is accepted, you and your firm are granted access to the company's QuickBooks file and subscription.

  1. In QuickBooks Online, the client selects My Accountant from the left menu, enters the accountant's email address, and selects Invite to issue an invitation to the accountant.
  2. The invited accountant accepts the invitation.
  3. The invited accountant selects their firm, under which the client is assigned.

Client company creation

When you create a client company within QuickBooks Online Accountant, you are assigned as Lead Accountant.

  1. From the left menu, under Your Practice, select Clients.
  2. Select Add client.
  3. Enter information about the client in the Client contact information section.
  4. Specify the type of subscription and billing the client uses in the QuickBooks subscription section.
  5. Select the Show all team members link in the Team access section and select the checkboxes of the team members at your firm who will be allowed to access the client's information.
  6. Select Save.

Lead Accountant reassignment

If a Lead Accountant at the firm loses access to a client, a  prompt appears requesting the assignment of a new lead accountant to that client company.

Access change notices

When Lead Accountant access is granted or revoked, the team member affected receives a notice of the change. When Lead Accountant access is transferred from one team member to another, both the former lead accountant and the new lead accountant are notified of the change.

For more information on firm team members’ access change notifications, see Team member access change notifications .

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