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Converting Sage 50 data to QuickBooks Online

The following list details an overview of the conversion process; each step is described in later sections of this article for more information:

  1. Review the "Pre-migration Checklist" section in this document.
  2. Prepare your current Sage 50 file for conversion and ensure your QuickBooks Online file is set up correctly.
  3. Fill out a form to gather your consent for the migration of the Sage 50 data to QuickBooks Online.
  4. Select how many years of Sage 50 data you wish to have converted as well as any optional add-ons, such as Inventory, that you may require.
  5. Upload your Sage 50 file via secure server to the Dataswitcher tool for migration to QuickBooks Online.
  6. Once your data is migrated,  review the results and perform some tasks using the post-conversion checklist.
  7. Once you confirm the results you can start using your new QuickBooks Online company file.

The process of converting your data takes, on average, up to 72 hours from the time your data is uploaded in to the Dataswitcher tool.

Contact the QuickBooks Online support team if it has been longer than 72 hours.

Your business data is protected in the following ways:

  • as long as you use the online form to upload, we will protect your data using industry standard SSL encryption
  • your data is governed by Intuit’s Data Stewardship Principles

We cannot convert the following data types at this time:

  • Budgets
  • Memorized transactions
  • Invoice template and other templates
  • Sales orders
  • Payroll records
  • Projects
  • Attachments
  • Non-posting entries (estimates) are not transferred over

The following limitations of service can occur when you are converting from Sage 50 to QuickBooks Online using Dataswitcher.

Positions for COA numbers

QuickBooks does not support chart of account numbers that exceed the length of seven numerals. The migration will fail if any accounts in your chart of accounts are seven numerals or longer.

Financial start date

In Sage 50 Canada it is possible to choose a start day other than January 1st. Quickbooks does not support this. Please keep this in mind when you are checking your trial balance since the profit and loss accounts can be off.

Future Transactions

If the journals in your file are dated in the future, the transactions are also posted in the future to QuickBooks.

Year End transactions

Sage 50 clears the Profit & Loss accounts by transferring the funds into a specific nominal code. The transactions that are posted with this account are ignored. This happens because QuickBooks Online would otherwise duplicate your company results. If the classification of nominal codes was wrong in Sage 50 this might cause issues and may happen if a balance sheet account was incorrectly classified as a P&L account.

Opening Balance

When doing a conversion, often you are not converting all dates that are in the company file. When selecting the free conversion, Dataswitcher only converts the last two fiscal years on the file. Any transactions from the remaining years are consolidated into an automatically calculated opening balance. However, if you choose to pay for further years, all financial data is moved across.

Sales Tax is converted, as a line item

Dataswitcher does sales tax from the source system as a line item. This gives you a higher quality conversion that closes financially. However, you need to do a post check step for your first sales tax report. This is a one time process.

Matching journal entries on a supplier level

Dataswitcher cannot match related supplier bills to their respective journal entries. The journal entries are still posted but they remain unlinked. This mostly happens when you are taking payments on account for suppliers. You need to match these entries manually after the conversion.


Dataswitcher supports up to 1000 items with stock. Only code, stock code, location, name and description are posted. Current stock, purchase, sales price are also posted. Income and asset account are not posted to Quickbooks.

Multi-currency limitations

All foreign currency data, is converted in home-currency. The historical exchange rate in Sage 50 Canada is used to do the conversion.

Cash payments are treated as 0.0 invoices

Cheques come over as 0.0 invoices so you can still see them on the customer / supplier.

Some reversed journals are posted

Some reversed journals are posted to QuickBooks, since clearing them can cause differences in your Quickbooks conversion. Dataswitcher only clears journals when they cancel each other out.

Some debtor or creditor transactions may not be posted as you expect them to be

Dataswitcher might need to use a "dummy" customer or supplier to align your AR and AP history.

These steps are required prior to uploading your file for conversion:

  • if you have an existing QuickBooks Online Company File that you have used in any way you will need to purge the data in that file. Review this article for more information.
  • create a backup of your Sage 50 file. Save the backup file in a location that is easy to locate. It will be used for upload in a later step.

These steps are optional but are recommended to make post migration tasks easier to perform:

  • in Sage 50, it is strongly recommended you reconcile all your bank/credit card accounts to the most recent statement possible. This will make reconciling in QuickBooks Online much faster after conversion.
  • in Sage 50, file your most recent monthly/quarterly/annual Sales Tax return

You can visit our migration wizard to get started.

Please note that the wizard is only available in English at this time.

Once you’ve performed the tasks described in this document you can start using QuickBooks Online.

If you have any questions about any of these tasks,  contact the QuickBooks Online support team.

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