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Level 1

Client Explorer

Is there a problem using client explorer in 2023 Profile since the most recent update?

I cannot see all of the files on our system.

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Mario B
ProFile Team

Client Explorer

Yes , there is an issue since R0, it will be fixed in R1, the next update, which is scheduled for the 3rd week of november. In the meantime, we have a workaround, you can call support and they will be able to have it running for you

Level 5

Client Explorer

just for everyone's info i just received a call from profile and they are offering a workaround to fix the issue. it could take up to an hour and a half to do and is quite complicated. it will be fixed in the next release so i chose to wait. i am impressed that profile is calling us personally!! good for them!! i think that unless it is a big issue with something you have to do for now i would wait the two weeks! if not good luck!  let's hope there are not too many more of these instances.  have a good season.