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Everything you need to know about the QuickBooks Online desktop app

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

The QuickBooks Online desktop app is a Windows/Mac app that can be installed onto a computer and used to access QuickBooks Online*. The QuickBooks Online desktop app offers added flexibility to access your account in the manner that best suits your needs, either with a web browser or through the app. The app also lets users stay signed in for extended periods of time, open QuickBooks Online in multiple tabs, and switch between multiple companies.

*For French users the installation process occurs in English and the app name remains "QuickBooks Online". To adjust the language, log into your account and select Settings ⚙️, then Account and settings, then Company Settings. Set the Language to "French" and select Save.

For customers migrating from Desktop to Online and QuickBooks Online Advanced

  • Windows 64-bit computer
  • QuickBooks Online company

When logged into your QuickBooks Online Advanced or QuickBooks Online Accountant account, the application can be found by selecting the ⚙️ gear icon. There you’ll find the QuickBooks Online Desktop app link under Get the desktop app.

Additionally, we are working on adding the app download link when you migrate your Desktop file to QuickBooks Online. In the interim, please reach out to Support to obtain the app download link.

Yes, the app is available to both Mac and Microsoft Windows customers.

  • Open QuickBooks from the app shortcut on your computer
  • Stay signed in longer
  • Move between different QuickBooks Online companies
  • Open multiple tabs or windows at the same time
  • Access the navigation map

For Desktop customers:

  • Shorten your learning with interfaces you know in Desktop with the navigation map
  • Get to know QuickBooks Online quickly with the familiar workflows and features

Yes, after you install the app the QuickBooks Online shortcut automatically appears on your desktop.

Yes, all active billable users in a QuickBooks Online subscription can access the app.

The previous app version will still work for QuickBooks Online customers until your browser no longer supports it. The new QuickBooks Online app will work for QuickBooks Online customers and accountants using QuickBooks Online and includes added enhancements. Both app versions can work side-by-side and your information will synchronize across both apps.

No, the app is included with your QuickBooks Online subscription.

No, you must be connected to the internet to use QuickBooks Online with the app.

Support options remain consistent with the current QuickBooks Online offerings. You can access Help within your QuickBooks Online account or at our Support site.

Yes, all your information and activities remain synced across both access points.

For QuickBooks Online Accountants

  • Windows 64-bit computer
  • QuickBooks Online Accountant company

You can find the app while logged into your QuickBooks account by selecting the ⚙️ gear icon. There you’ll find the QuickBooks Online app link.

All QuickBooks Online subscription products will work within your QuickBooks Online Desktop app.

You can use the app to access clients who are using QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Online Advanced subscriptions. These accounts will show in your client list in QuickBooks Online Accountant as they currently do in the web version.

Yes, clients using QuickBooks Online can use the app just like you do from your desktop computer.

For QuickBooks Online Advanced users, the app can be found while logged into their QuickBooks account by selecting the ⚙️ gear icon. There they will see the QuickBooks Online Desktop app link under Get the desktop app.

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