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Using QuickBooks Online Advanced reporting tool Spreadsheet Sync

by Intuit Updated 6 months ago

With QuickBooks Online Advanced, you have several options for creating custom reports. You can use QuickBooks Online's report functions, or Excel-based Spreadsheet Sync for spreadsheet reporting.

  • With Spreadsheet Sync, you can upload and download QuickBooks Online Advanced information and use customizable templates for formatting your data.

Create a detailed Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, or Balance Sheet report with Spreadsheet Sync

Spreadsheet Sync lets you pull current QuickBooks Online Advanced data into a formatted spreadsheet and create pivot tables you can segment with slicers.

It includes the following report templates:

  1. The Simple Management Report includes 3 formatted spreadsheets:
    1. Trial balance
    2. Balance sheet
    3. Profit & Loss (standard)
  2. Other QuickBooks Online report templates include:
    1. Statement of Cash Flows
    2. Inventory Valuation Summary
    3. Supplier Balance Summary or Detail
    4. A/P Aging Summary or Detail
    5. Customer Balance Summary or Detail
    6. A/R Aging Summary or Detail
    7. Expenses by Supplier
    8. Sales Reports by product or service, class, or customer

To learn more, see How to create and edit reports in Spreadsheet Sync.

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For more information, review our article Create custom reports in QuickBooks Online Advanced.

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