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View, print, or export a reconciliation report in QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Each time you finish reconciling, QuickBooks Online automatically generates a reconciliation report for that session. The reconciliation report is useful if you have trouble reconciling the following month and when you meet with your accountant.

The reconciliation report summarizes the following:

  • Beginning and ending balances.
  • Lists which transactions were cleared and which were left uncleared when you reconciled.
Note: QuickBooks Online automatically generates a new reconciliation report even if you reconcile the account for the same month.

How to view a reconciliation report

  1. Go to Reports (Take me there).
  2. Type Reconciliation Report in the Find report by name search bar.
  3. Select Reconciliation Reports.
  4. Select the Account for the reconciliation report you want to view.
  5. From the Report period drop-down arrow, choose the reconcile period.
  6. Select View Report.

How to print a reconciliation report

To print, select the Print icon in the upper right of the report.

How to export a reconciliation report to Excel

The Reconciliation report in QuickBooks Online is one of the few reports that can't be directly exported to Excel. To manually export this data, do the following:

  1. Highlight the information on the report.
  2. Right-click and copy the information.
  3. Open Excel and right-click and paste the information.
  4. Adjust the column widths for the format of the Excel report to show all the information.
  5. Select Save.

Things to know about reconciliation reports

  • This is a static report. If information within your company has changed, that change will not reflect on this report, but will affect all others within QuickBooks Online.
  • The balance on this report is the balance of all the reconciled transactions, while all other reports show account balance based on posted transactions
    Note: Transactions are reported as posted the moment you save them within QuickBooks Online.
  • Reconciled transactions are those with the status R listed within the bank or credit card register.

You now know how to view, print, and export reconciliation reports.

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