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Integrate QuickBooks Time and ADP RUN

by Intuit Updated 4 months ago

Learn how to set up the QuickBooks Time and ADP RUN integration so you can import your employee’s timesheets for payroll from QuickBooks Time into RUN Powered by ADP.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Before you integrate


  • Only one QuickBooks Time account can be linked to one ADP RUN account.
  • The ADP RUN integration is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online integrations.
  • Only account admins can initiate the integration and purchase the app through the ADP Marketplace.

In QuickBooks

Sign out of all Intuit or QuickBooks products before installing the integration app to make sure you have a good connection and integrate with the correct company.


  • Before you integrate, you need to uninstall ADP eTimecard. This is the ADP RUN time tracking option. If you have any questions on uninstalling, reach out to your ADP RUN account rep for help uninstalling eTimecard.
  • Turn on Timecard Import in ADP RUN to make sure ADP RUN can accept timecards from QuickBooks Time.

Install the integration app

Note: ADP RUN charges to use the integration app. If you have questions or concerns about your billing, reach out to your ADP RUN account rep. 

If you have QuickBooks Time and ADP RUN

  1. In QuickBooks Time, go to Feature Add-ons, then Manage Add-ons.
  2. Find ADP RUN, and select Install.
  3. Follow the instructions to connect your ADP RUN and QuickBooks Time accounts. For reference: 
    1. In the ADP RUN Integration Preferences window, select Get Code to generate the temporary code you’ll use to complete the integration. Copy this code to your clipboard.
    2. Find QuickBooks Time Connector for RUN in the ADP App Marketplace.
    3. Select Buy Now, then sign in. 
    4. When prompted during checkout, paste the code you got in QuickBooks Time. 
    5. Once you are checked out, refresh your QuickBooks Time page. The integration will be active.

If you have ADP RUN, but not QuickBooks Time

  1. Find the app QuickBooks Time for RUN in the ADP Marketplace.
  2. Select Start a free trial or choose an edition to purchase
  3. Follow the check-out flow and place your order. 
  4. When prompted to get your QuickBooks Time account started, select Start setup
  5. Select Go to QuickBooks Time. Your accounts will be automatically connected.
    • Your billing for QuickBooks Time will be through ADP. If you have questions or concerns about your billing, reach out to your ADP RUN account rep. 

Once you purchase the integration app through the ADP Marketplace, you’ll receive an email to consent to the changes made to your ADP account. The email could take up to 24 hours but on average it's within a few minutes of completing the integration.

It’s best to use the steps in the email, but if  you don’t get the email, there are a couple of options:

Option 1: After you complete an order of QuickBooks Time in the ADP Marketplace:

  1. Select Go To MYAPPS.
  2. Hover over the QuickBooks Time app, then select the gear icon, and Manage App.
  3. Select Allow, then continue on the Consent Request page.

Option 2: Sign in through Consent Manager:

  1. Use your ADP sign in credentials on the Consent Manager page
  2. Under Pending Consents, find QB Time and select Manage.
  3. Select Allow, then continue on the Consent Request page.

It can take up to 24 hours for the consent to process. After consent, you can continue with the import process.

Change integration preferences

If needed, adjust your QuickBooks Time settings to match what you have in ADP RUN.

  1. In QuickBooks Time, at the top right, select ADP RUN.
  2. Select Preferences.

Import data

Learn how data imports from ADP RUN into QuickBooks Time. After installing and setting up the integration, you can import from and export to RUN.

Team members (employees)

  • Add employees in ADP RUN and import into QuickBooks Time. Best practice is to make all changes to employees (adding, editing, archiving) in ADP RUN and importing.
    • If the team member was added in QuickBooks Time first, make sure the first name, last name, and email match exactly (case sensitive) before import so they link correctly.
  • If you have questions on an employee charge, check the ADP Marketplace. 
    • If you need someone to manage the app subscription and QuickBooks Time, and you add an admin in the ADP Marketplace, that may affect your billing. They won’t be visible in ADP RUN, but would be visible in QuickBooks Time. 
  • All active hourly and salaried employees are imported.
    • Salaried employees' time export is optional. 
    • To turn on time export, go to the ADP RUN dropdown in QuickBooks Time, then Preferences, and check export time for salaried employees.
  • A middle initial in ADP RUN can cause time export issues later. Remove middle initials.
  • The initial import screen lets you send mass invites.
    • Team members with emails are autoselected (but can be deselected), with the option to send the invites now, or wait.

Time off 

  • Time off codes are automatically imported from ADP RUN into QuickBooks Time. Before you integrate:
    • In ADP RUN, make sure your time off codes are correct. Go to Company, then Earnings and Deductions. Make changes if needed.
    • In QuickBooks Time, verify that there are no extra or unnecessary time off codes. Go to Feature Add-ons, then Time Off Codes. Make changes if needed.
    • Assign codes to team members in QuickBooks Time after they import.
  • We recommend you track accruals in ADP RUN as accrual settings and balances don’t import. 
  • Unpaid time off doesn’t export to ADP RUN.

Pay schedule

  • Pay schedules from ADP RUN automatically import to QuickBooks Time. 
    • New pay schedules, or edits, take anywhere from 1 to 24 hours to update in QuickBooks Time.
  • The pay schedules from ADP RUN show as date filters on payroll or approvals reports in QuickBooks Time:
    • Run report by: ADP Weekly, ADP BiWeekly, etc.
    • QuickBooks Time only displays the current, open pay period.
  • If you don’t have one set up, set up a weekly pay schedule in QuickBooks Time in Company Settings.
  • If an employee’s pay schedule changes (if they go from weekly to bi-weekly for example), they should sync from QuickBooks Time to make sure it gets updated in QuickBooks Time.


  • For overtime hours to export correctly, be sure your QuickBooks Time overtime settings match what you have in ADP RUN. 
  • ADP RUN tracks regular hours, overtime, and double time.
    • Any pay rate engine rule needs to have a multiplier of 1.5x or 2x to be compatible with ADP RUN.

Disconnect the integration

If you need to disconnect the integration, first determine who owns the billing. Go to the ADP Marketplace to check which integration app you have. 

If you have QuickBooks Time for RUN Powered by ADP:

  1. ADP RUN owns the billing. Unsubscribe from the app in your billing preferences.
    1. Note: If you’re paying for your QuickBooks Time account through ADP RUN and you uninstall the app, that cancels your QuickBooks Time account. If you want to keep QuickBooks Time, you need to log in to QuickBooks Time and pay for the subscription there. 
  2. Go to the ADP Marketplace, and hover over the app.
  3. Select Settings ⚙, then select Manage app

If you have QuickBooks Time Connector for RUN Powered by ADP:

  1. QuickBooks Time owns billing. In QuickBooks Time, go to Feature Add-ons, then Manage Add-ons.
  2. Find ADP RUN, and select Uninstall.

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