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Finding Payments fund status with Digital Assistant

by Intuit Updated 7 months ago

You can use the QuickBooks Digital Assistant to get an update on funds from your most recent paid invoices in QuickBooks Online.

Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account, open the Digital Assistant, and ask for an update using one of the prompts below. QuickBooks Online will show a list of recent invoices that match the criteria you outlined. You only need to select and expand the invoice to see the status.

If you need help with what to ask, here are a few prompts to guide you:

Digital Assistant prompts

  • Check Payments status
  • Show payment from [payor name] for [payment amount]
  • Where is my money?
  • Show payments in the amount of [enter dollar amount]
  • Show payments from [payor name]

There are several potential responses that QuickBooks Online might provide. For any response considered an anomaly (where the funds aren’t directly deposited), directions are provided about how to help move the payment forward. Most often, you will be directed to an email Intuit has already sent.

QuickBooks Online’s Digital Assistant will provide the subject line of the email and the email address so you don't have to question the validity of the email or request. If you're unable to find the email, you may need to check your spam folder.

Check your funds status with the Digital Assistant now.

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