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Bank Payments: Frequently asked questions for Merchants

SOLVEDby QuickBooks1Updated October 02, 2023

Need help with bank payments? Here is a list of topics that may help you with the most commonly asked questions. Use the links below to navigate to the desired section:

Bank payments

What are Bank payments?

Bank payments offer you the ability to receive payments from your customers using bank transfers. Customers are able to securely pay directly from their invoices. Plus, when you get paid, with automatic reconciliation, your books are always organized and accurate.

How do I enroll?

You must already be set up for QuickBooks Payments in order to be able to sign up for bank payments. If you are already set up for QuickBooks Payments, log in to your QuickBooks Online account, click the gear icon, select Account and Settings and in the left-side menu select the Payments tab. There, you will see the option to sign up for bank payments.

Click here for more information on bank payments.

Deposit accounts

How do I change the bank account to which Bank payments are deposited (known in QuickBooks as the Deposits account)?

Click here for more information on changing your deposit account for payments.

How do I delete my Deposit account?

The deposit account cannot be deleted. It can, however, be changed, which will overwrite the existing bank account.

Why can I have only one bank account?

QuickBooks Payments is currently designed to support a single deposit account. All payments you receive via credit card and bank transfer are deposited into the same account.

I don’t see the correct bank account when I’m connecting.

If you need to change the bank account for bank payments, navigate to the Payments tab and select Change next to your current deposit account. Remember, the same deposit account is used for both credit card and bank transfer payments.

My bank is not listed.

If you do not see your bank’s logo listed on the Connect with your bank screen, search for the name of your bank in the Search for your bank field directly above the bank icons. If your bank is not listed, it may be a foreign bank or a bank that is not currently supported.

My bank account is not listed.

If you have logged into your bank but do not see the correct bank account listed, it could be that it is a foreign currency account. Foreign currency accounts are not currently supported in bank payments.

Payment deposits

When does QuickBooks Payments deposit my money?

Click here to learn where QuickBooks Payments deposits money. You can check your funds status at any time with the QuickBooks Digital Assistant.

When am I charged for transaction fees?

As soon as a payment is deposited to your bank account, the transaction fee is debited.

Click here to learn more about bank payments fees.

Manage payment accounts

How do I receive email messages from Intuit?

Click here to learn how to receive email messages from Intuit.

Payment processing

What are the fees for bank payments?

Click here to learn about bank payment fees.

Why was my customer’s payment not processed?

This could be due to a number of factors, including but not limited to:

• Incorrect information having been entered
• Inactive bank account
• The customer may not have had sufficient funds in their account

We will have sent you an email notification with instructions on how to proceed. Follow the instructions provided in order to proceed.

How do I cancel my customer’s payment?

If your customer just now made a payment and you need to cancel it, immediately contact our support team for assistance. Note that while we will make our best effort to get the cancellation processed, we cannot make guarantees.

If the payment has already been deposited to your bank account, you can refund your Customer.

Why are my funds on hold? What should I do?

When this happens, we will send you an email with steps on how to proceed to manage the funds currently on hold.

Sending invoices

How do I let customers pay their invoices online?

Click here to learn how to let Customers pay their invoices online.

How do I indicate to my customers that they can pay using bank payments?

When creating an invoice, you will see an Online payments header in the middle at the top of the invoice.

Select Edit; a pop-up window displays. Select the payment options you would like to offer.

What if my invoice was not delivered?

If an invoice was not received by your customer, have them check their email spam and junk folders. If the email has not been received, check the email address and make any necessary corrections. Then resend the invoice.

How do I view my bank payment transactions?

Bank Payments transactions can be viewed in QuickBooks by selecting the Sales tab in the left-side menu and selecting the Deposits tab. You can also navigate to the Reports tab and run the Invoices and Received Payments report.

How do I manually add service fees to my invoices?

Click here to learn how to manually add service fees to invoices.

Application processing

Why do I have to provide my date of birth and occupation?

We may ask additional questions for security purposes.

I’m completing my request but have made an error. What can I do?

If you have not yet submitted your request: Use the Back button to go back through your application and make necessary corrections.

If you have already submitted your request: While logged in to your QuickBooks Online account, click Help in the upper-right corner. Click the Contact Us button in the Search tab to reach our Support team.

Where do I see the status of my request?

Select the gear icon in your QuickBooks Online account, then select Account and Settings and Payments in the left-side menu. You will see a status of SETUP PENDING in the Bank Payments section.

As your request is actioned, you will receive email communications to inform you of any status changes and once approved, bank payments will appear in the Payment Methods field.

Why was my request not approved?

If your request was not approved it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • We were unable to set up your deposit account. Consider whether any information provided during the request process may have been inaccurate or invalid.
  • We were unable to validate the information you provided.

Review our Acceptable Use Policy for additional details.

Who is nanopay?

nanopay is Intuit’s trusted partner that securely process bank-to-bank transfers.

Account access

How do I reset my login password?

Bank payments does not require a separate login.

Click here to learn how to reset or recover your QuickBooks Online password.

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