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Add, assign, and publish jobs or shifts in QuickBooks Time Web

SOLVEDby QuickBooksUpdated January 12, 2023

These features are available after you have installed the QuickBooks Time Schedule.


  • Only administrators, managers, and team members granted the "Manage schedules for their group" permission can create and assign shifts.
  • Team members can create shifts for themselves if they have been granted the "Manage schedule > Their own" permission.
  • It is not necessary to assign team members when creating a shift.
  • Draft shifts display in white. Published shifts display in their selected colour.
  • Clicking Publish saves the shift and publishes it to the assigned team members' and their managers' calendars.
  • When a shift is added, changed, or deleted, all team members assigned to that shift are notified, and all of their calendars are updated.
  • Unassigned shifts display on your calendar (not team member calendars), in the top row, when you select Full and Day or Week.
  • A time off shift will appear in the schedule when a time off timesheet is created.
  • Total hours scheduled for a team member or job/customer can be seen in the far left column if, in View Settings, "Show hour totals" is selected.
  • Daily hour totals display in the column headings. Team member hour totals display in the far left column. These totals are only visible to admins and schedule managers.
  • On the calendar, dot colours indicate:
    • Green: On the clock
    • Orange: On a break

To access the schedule calendar, after installing the add-on, go to Schedule.

How To Add and Publish One Shift

  1. If needed, adjust your schedule view.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select inside a cell.
    • In the top left corner, select Actions Add Shift.
  3. Select the start and end times.
  4. (Optional) From the drop-down arrow, select a colour.
  5. (Optional) Enter a title, select a job or customer, and add notes (500 character max.).
  6. (Optional) Add team members. Note: If no team members are assigned to the shift, it will appear at the top of your calendar (select Full + Day or Week) in the Unassigned row.
  7. (Optional) Enter a location, or select one from the drop-down. (Note: As you start to type, the field will fill with suggested locations. These are drawn from Google maps.)
  8. (Optional) For recurring shifts, select Repeat, select the frequency and end date, and select Done. (Note: Under END REPEAT, if you select "On," the limit is 1 year. If you select "After," the limit is 365 shifts.)
  9. If you would like to, assign team members to the shift (see below).
  10. Do one of the following:
    • To save the shift without publishing it to the assigned team members' calendar(s), select Save Draft. Unassigned shifts display in white on the calendar.
    • To save the shift and publish it to team member and manager calendars, select Publish. If you'd like to return it to draft state, select Save Draft. The shift will be removed from team members' calendars.

How to Assign Team Members to a Shift

  1. On the calendar, select a shift.
  2. Select inside the EMPLOYEES box, and enter one or more team members' names.
  3. Select Publish. The newly assigned team member(s) receive a notification of the change.

How to Publish Multiple Shifts

  1. Make sure that Full is selected, then, from the drop-down select Day, Week, or Month.
  2. Select the blue Publish button.

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