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"Invalid File"

Profile unable to open recently saved file. Shows "Invalid File" prompt, followed by file path. Can this file be opened in some other way? Is it corrupt?

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Level 1

"Invalid File"

I have the same problem for about 5 files, They will not open and also the Preparers Information will not save. Looking for assistance 

Level 2

"Invalid File"

Okay, I spent half an hour with tech support trying to recover this "Invalid Fle". To no avail. It seems to be a file corruption that prevents recovery. I've had another since my first posting, but had a clean uncorrupted version in the cloud backup that I used to replace the corrupt file - thankfully. I also checked the Backup Folder that resides in the same tax year Profile file. The file there was also corrupted.

Now to ask why?

Tech support speculated that something is going screwy during the "save" process. Their advice was to always allow the "save and back up to cloud" process to completely finish before doing anything like changing windows or opening and closing other files. In my case, this may have more to do with the age of my computer and the health of its RAM, than with the Profile software itself.

So I'm now careful to run "lean" with minimum background operations, to lighten the RAM and processing load, as well as allow for clean uninterrupted "Saves". Will have to see how that goes for now.

Mario B
ProFile Team

"Invalid File"

Most likely, its an antivirus blocking the saving, or the ransomware protection in windows security  Controlled folders access