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Couple has 2 children with DTC approval, one under each parent. How do i claim on each parent separately or can i just claim on one as profile atomatically claims for the higher earner

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This is where you will have to ovveride Profile's allocation of same.  I do not usually advocate overrides as have found that indiscriminate use of same leads to serious errors.  The usual one I have is when boxes 24 and 26 on the T4 don't match Profile's calculations, and I always make certain to memo "as per T4" to show I have actually reviewed same.

However, that being said, there are times when overrides are required because Profile's defaults don't correspond to your client's reality and this is one of them.  Just be certain you have the right child matched to the right parent as there will be problems if a mismatch and parents tend to think the DTC can be switched back and forth depending on financial circumstances.  Then memo it (always handy if a query comes up later) and keep going.

Hope this helps.

Jo H Ruelle

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make sure when you auto file that BOTH parents are entitled to the DTC for the children. If the children are only on one parent (usually) CRA will hold up their returns for 3-8 weeks while they look into it---they will then DENY the claim until you or the parents, contact CRA and ask for one to be transferred into the other parents name.