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Unable to carry forward 2022 T1 returns

I am having an issue with carrying forward my 2022 T1 returns, ProFile is not giving me the option to do so, defaulting to carrying forward the 2021 T1 returns.


I have gone through the 2021 year returns and noted that the efile status was ineligible. The 2021 returns were all efiled in and used to create the 2022 returns (via carry forward), The 2022 returns are all showing an efile status of accepted.


Has anyone come across this issue before? Was there a fix?


I don't have a lot of tax clients, hence not noticing the issue until now). I would rather not refile the 2021 returns (that seems highly inappropriate to me), but also want the carryforward function to work properly. 


Thank you in advance for any advice anyone may have.



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Mario B
ProFile Team

Unable to carry forward 2022 T1 returns

It looks like your profile does not have the 2023 module, you need to either update Profile to the latest version or repair (you can see this article for repair)


Also, make sure that you have a 2023 license