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Level 2

Canada Workers Benefit

Profile did not automatically apply CWB for this couple for 2021:


- Husband had no income and went to school full-time in 2021.

- Wife had $27K employment income and nothing else.


This is a simple situation and Profile did not apply CWB. Is this a glitch or am I supposed to complete S6 every time??

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Level 7

Canada Workers Benefit

If a spouse is in full-time attendance at a school then the spouse does not qualify for a CWB, and will not be an eligible spouse for purposes of the CWB.  But that should not totally eliminate the CWB if her income was $27,000.  Check the responses to the questions on Schedule 6, make sure they did not receive an advance payment, and that both are over 19 years of age.  If all of those check out, can you post a picture of the Schedule 6?

Level 1

Canada Workers Benefit

Profile sometimes not automatically fill in eligible taxpayer for CWB in both 2021 and 2022, causing tax refund underpaid.