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claiming Caregiver amount for elderly aunt

I am trying to claim an elderly aunt for the Caregiver Amount on 30450.  I don't understand why it won't accept it.  I am trying to add the dependent info on S5 but it won't take it.  I am also filling out the Dependent form.  What am I missing??  help

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Mario B
ProFile Team

claiming Caregiver amount for elderly aunt

On the dependant form, have you asnwered yes to the question mentally or physically infirm?


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claiming Caregiver amount for elderly aunt

This does not automatically allow you to claim "care giver" amount--The Government is going through and removing the Caregiver amount

My Mother in law has the DTC cannot walk (or very short distances) and does not even have a drivers licence

My Wife and I take her to all apointments, get her groceries for her or take her with us and the Government has said my Wife is no eligible to claim the care giver amount as her Mother is still cooking and feeding herself


Can try and claim just be prepared that it "May" be removed if they review the return--Wife's Mother is 83 and wants to stay in her own home, so we have to do everything (or hire someone--Snow, Lawn) for her

They actually sent out a form asking in detail what we do for her and then denied it

Level 1

claiming Caregiver amount for elderly aunt

oh wow!  that is so crazy especially since she has the DTC on file.


I would appeal that decision (I worked for CRA for 32 years).  I think Appeals would give it to her.


In my case, they did disallow it but asked for a signed doctor statement stating that she does require help (she does not have the Disability Tax Credit).  We are in the process of doing that.


thanks for your reply!