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Printing Issues - T1 and T3

Hello, I have version 2023.3.1 installed.


I cannot print or print to PDF certain forms (ie. T1 & T3 form T183, T3 Trust Schedule 15, etc.) unless I am connected to the internet. When not connected to the internet I get a print error requiring "Manual print" which still doesn't work.


Strange that an internet connection is required to print certain forms? My office computers connected to our internal network/server are not connected to the internet unless needed (ie software updates, efile, etc) to avoid viruses, etc.


Can this be corrected to allow full printing when not connected to the internet?




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Level 1

Printing Issues - T1 and T3

I've just been told by a Profile support agent that CRA now requires certain forms to be printed via an outside server (ie T183 efile form)? Therefore, you need to be on the internet at all times to print a full tax return? Can someone at the engineering level confirm this? 1) Our office computers only go on the internet for software updates and efile to avoid virus issues  2) What is this "outside server" that allows printing of certain forms? How do I know it's secure?

Mario B
ProFile Team

Printing Issues - T1 and T3

yes niagarataxcpa, that is correct and we have an article with more details ....


As per the servers , they are located in US. The servers are owned and protected by Intuit