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How to merge accounts, customers, and suppliers

Learn how to organise your list of accounts, customers, and suppliers in QuickBooks Online.

If you have duplicate accounts, customers, or suppliers, you can sort them out through merging. The cleaner your lists are, the easier for you to record your money in and out.

Note: If you're an accountant, here's how to consolidate your client list.

Important: The merging process isn't reversible. It is permanent and cannot be undone at a later point.

Merge your accounts

There are some accounts that you can’t change or merge because of its type, especially if it's used for an Online Banking feature. Or, if it can affect your reports.

If you’re merging bank accounts that have reconciliation reports, make sure to save those reports first. Notice that the transactions will remain on the merged account as reconciled.

To merge two accounts:

  1. Go to Settings ⚙, then select the Chart of Accounts.
  2. In the account that you want to keep, select the dropdown ▼ in the Action column.
  3. Select Edit. Take note of the name and detail type. Check if the Is sub-account option is marked. If it's marked, remember the parent account associated.
  4. Select Cancel to return to the Chart of Accounts.
  5. In the account that you don't want to use, select the dropdown ▼ in the Action column. Select Edit.
    Note: Remove the symbol in the name of the account before merging to avoid a possible error.
  6. Change the Name and Detail Type, then mark Is sub-account as appropriate. Note: Remember the following regarding the sub-account option:
    • If you’re merging parent accounts, make sure they don’t have existing sub-accounts.
    • If you’re merging sub-accounts, make sure they are associated with the same parent account.
    • If only one is a sub-account, make it a parent account by clearing the Is sub-account option.
  7. Select Save, then Yes to confirm.

All past transactions you created with the unwanted account now appear with the name of the account you want to keep.

Merge your customers

Merging a customer means deleting it from your list. All its data moves to the customer you want to keep. Learn more about how to merge your duplicate customers.

Merge your suppliers

To easily track your suppliers, organise it through merging the duplicates. Make sure you copy all the important information over to the name you're going to keep.

  1. From the Expenses menu, select Suppliers.
  2. Select the name of the supplier you don't want to use, then select Edit.
  3. Change the Title, First name, Middle name, and to make it identical to the supplier you're merging it with.
  4. Make sure the display name is also the same.
  5. Select Save, then Yes to confirm.

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