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Change the lead accountant for your client’s company

Learn how to assign a new lead accountant for your client’s company in QuickBooks Online.

The lead accountant is the primary contact of a client to your firm. An accountant user becomes a lead accountant when:

You can always change your client’s lead accountant when you need to or when your client asks. Here’s how.

Note: You can also change your other team members’ access to your clients’ books.

Change the lead accountant

  1. Go to Clients.
  2. Find your client. In the Actions column, select the small arrow ▼ icon and select Edit client.
  3. Go to the Team access section, then select +Show all team members.
  4. Uncheck the lead accountant’s checkbox. This is the team member which has (Lead) under their name.
  5. Select Save.
  6. From the Choose a Lead ▼ dropdown, select the team member you want to assign as the new lead accountant.
  7. Select Assign.

The old and new lead accountants, and the Master Administrator get an email notification about the change.

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