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Set up your QuickBooks Workforce account

Learn how to set up your account in QuickBooks Workforce. That way you can view your pay stubs, W-2s, and more.

Once your employer sends you a link, you can use it to set up your Workforce account. Use it to:

  • See your pay stubs, W-2s, and other employment info (like your home address and bank account)
  • Provide your info when you're hired

Get started

New to QuickBooks Workforce? There are a few steps you need to do to get set up.

Step 1: Accept the invite from your employer

Before you can view your paychecks and W-2s, you need to accept the Workforce invite from your employer. Your invite is valid for up to 30 days from when it was sent.

  1. Look for an email with the subject [Business name] has invited you to view your pay stubs online or [Business name] needs info to get you paid. If you don’t see the invite, check your spam folder, or let your employer know about it. It’s possible they used an incorrect email.
  2. Open the email, then select Create account or Sign in to accept the invitation.
  3. Create an Intuit account with your email and a password. If you already have an Intuit account such as a previous QuickBooks Workforce, TurboTax, or Mint account, sign in with that email address and password.


  • If you already have a QuickBooks Workforce account, you can still accept another invite from a new employer. Give them the same email address you use for your existing QuickBooks Workforce account.
  • If you have access to QuickBooks Online, you will need to use a different email address for your QuickBooks Workforce account. We recommend using your work email address for QuickBooks Online and your personal email for Workforce

Step 2: Add your personal info (if available)

If you were recently hired by your employer, they may have invited you to add some of your personal info. If you received an email with the subject [Business name] needs info to get you paid or Setup Employee, take action as soon as possible so you can get paid on time.

  1. Open the email and click Get set up or Complete setup now (or Sign in).
  2. Fill in all requested info: personal, W-4, and bank account. Bank account only appears if your employer selected to pay via direct deposit.
  3. Check all of your info to make sure it's correct and sign your W-4.
  4. Select Save or Submit.

Once you submit, your info is saved and your employer can see it. If you need to make any changes at this point, let your employer know.

Step 3: Turn on notifications for new pay stubs

You can get an email reminder every time your new pay stub is available.  To set up this feature:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Settings ⚙.
  3. Select Email Notification.
  4. Select Send me an email when new pay stubs are available.

Next steps: See your info in Workforce any time

Now that your QuickBooks Workforce account is set up, you can view your pay stubs, W-2s and personal info.

Need help? Find answers to common questions

Why can’t I sign into Workforce?

There may be several reasons you’re having trouble signing in to Workforce.

Did your employer resend the invitation?

If your employer had to resend your invite, make sure you complete the accept the invitation steps from the most recent email invitation.

Do you use or have access to QuickBooks Online?

If you have access to QuickBooks Online, make sure you use a different email address than the one you use for QuickBooks Online. We recommend using your work email address for QuickBooks Online and your personal email for Workforce. Let your employer know if you need to use a different email address.

Do you use another Intuit product?

If you use any other Intuit product like Mint, TurboTax, or if you had a previous Workforce account, you'll see a sign-in screen to enter that email address and password. If you didn't provide your employer with that email address, you'll need to use the one you provided to your employer.

Why do you ask for my social security number?

Your social security number is required for employment. It is used to report your wages and taxes to the IRS, Social Security Administration, and state agencies. But don't worry, we keep your personal info secure.

Get help with Workforce

Have more questions? Chat with us so we can help. We're available Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST.

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