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What are account registers in QuickBooks Online?

Learn what bank registers and account registers are and what you can do with them.

QuickBooks uses account registers to keep track of your transactions based on where they came from. They list all of your transactions and the account's current balance. Your check register is a good example. Imagine your account register as a running history of the account.

Learn how account registers work

Account registers let you dig into the details. You can go into a register and get a detailed, transaction-level history of the account. This is also where you can make edits to individual transactions. They're usually used by accountants and those who want to review the details. You can:

  • See all the transactions in an account
  • Edit, delete, or void transactions
  • Filter accounts to find specific types of transactions
  • Reconcile individual transactions
  • Review reconciliation adjustments

Note: The terms “bank register” and “account register” refer to the same thing.

Reviewing your register regularly will help you can catch errors and make your reconciliations much easier. Most accounts have a register. Here are a few account registers you may want to review:

  • Bank
  • Credit Card
  • Fixed Assets
  • Other Fixed Assets
  • Other Current Assets
  • Long-term Liabilities
  • Other Current Liabilities
  • Equity

You can't edit your Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable registers directly.

Learn when to use your account register

There are a few different ways to enter transactions into QuickBooks.

You can create a sales form like an invoice or expense. You can also download transactions directly from your bank. QuickBooks adds downloaded transactions to your account registers once you review them. These are the main methods you'll use every day.

You can also add transactions directly to some account registers. However, this isn't the recommended method. Account registers are for making quick changes when you're reviewing your accounts.

Start reviewing your account registers

Learn how to review your account registers in QuickBooks Online.

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