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Fix bank error 102 and 105 in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Self-Employed

SOLVEDby QuickBooks297Updated 2 weeks ago

Learn what to do if you see bank errors 102 and 105 in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Self-Employed.

Bank error 102 and 105 usually mean there may be a problem on your bank's end. Their website may be undergoing maintenance or have server issues. This can stop the online bank connection to QuickBooks. Here's what to do if you see these errors.

Solution 1: Manually update your bank connection

Errors 102 and 105 usually resolve within 24 hours. In the meantime, you can manually update the online bank connection in QuickBooks.

In QuickBooks Online

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.
  2. Go to Transactions, then Bank transactions (Take me there).
  3. Select Update.

In QuickBooks Self-Employed

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Self-Employed.
  2. Select the profile ⚙ icon and then Bank accounts.
  3. Select Refresh all.

If you still see an error, wait for 2 to 3 hours and try again.

Solution 2: Check your bank or credit card's website

Check the bank and credit card's website to make sure everything is working on their end.

  1. Sign in to your bank or credit card's website. If you can't sign in, reach out to your bank or credit card company about the next steps.
  2. Look for any messages, notifications, or alerts. These should tell you if something isn't working.
  3. Review your account pages, account history, and transactions. If you can't see these, there may be connection issues.
Is your account new? If your bank or credit card account is new, it may not be available to connect to online banking right away. Reach out to your bank or credit card company if you keep seeing error 102 or 105.

If everything looks good, follow "Solution 1: Manually update your bank connection" to refresh the connection in QuickBooks.

Still see error 102 or 105?

If the issue persists, sign in to QuickBooks using an incognito or private browser, or try other browser troubleshooting options.

Or, wait a day and try to update again. Your bank needs time to fix everything if there are issues. After 48 hours, reach out to our support team so we can help.

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