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Find out the difference between stocktake and stock adjustment

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Learn what the differences between stock adjustment and stocktake in QuickBooks Commerce are.

QuickBooks Commerce is no longer available for purchase as a stand-alone product.
The features referred to in this article are only relevant for customers who still have QuickBooks Commerce bundled with their QuickBooks Online subscription.
If you want to learn more about e-commerce accounting features that are part of QuickBooks Online, check out Accounting for e-commerce FAQ.

In QuickBooks, every method has a specific purpose. This is why using a method other than its intended purpose can greatly affect the accuracy and reliability of your data. For example, use the following scenarios to find out when to use stock adjustment and stocktake.


A stocktake can change the quantity of stocks without affecting the Moving Average Cost (MAC). If you only want to make changes to the quantity, use stocktake.

Scenario example: QuickBooks Commerce says you have 25 medium-sized, White T-shirts in stock. When you go to the warehouse to do a physical stocktake, you realize that there are only 23 in stock, and there is no reason for the discrepancy. Do you do a Stocktake or a New Stock Adjustment?

Answer: Use the Stocktake tool. The Moving Average Cost (MAC) should only be recalculated when a known adjustment to the stock levels, i.e., when a purchase order is created, stock levels change due to returned products, etc. If the reason for the change in stock levels is unknown, recalculating the MAC will render it inaccurate. Therefore, the Stocktake tool is the right option, as it does not affect the MAC.

Stock adjustment

A stock adjustment can update the inventory and the changes in cost. If there is an adjustment to your inventory that affects your Moving Average Cost (MAC), such as having damaged goods, promotional goods, or new products, use stock Adjustment.

Note: If the reason for the stock adjustment is not in the list of choices, you can create a customer reason for the adjustment.

Scenario example: During a stocktake, you realize that a total of 5 Cat Bowls (Purple) were damaged. You want to change the quantity of the product and account for the loss in QuickBooks Commerce. Do you do a Stocktake or New Stock Adjustment?

Answer: A New Stock Adjustment would detail the changes clearly, including the decrease in quantity and adjustments in cost, which ultimately affect the MAC.

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