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Error 103 for QuickBooks Self-Employed

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

Error 103 means the sign-in credentials you entered here are not being accepted by your financial institution's website. Error 310 means we've stopped trying to process your sign-in request until you update that information in our product so that the bank does not lock your account access.

  1. Click the Reconnect button that displays within the error message. Make sure to physically type the user name and password.
  2. Click Update Sign-in Info.

You can also try to verify the bank connection by searching the bank's login webpage URL or the URL after you log into your bank account.

First, search for the bank using the URL you access to sign in to your bank account (i.e. www.wellsfargo.com). Try all possible results.

If you are not successful, try searching for the bank by using the URL after you have logged into your account, however you may have to remove a string of digits to search. For example, once logged in to your account, the URL may be https://www.netteller.com/loginabc/Views/Retail/AccountListing.aspx, which will have zero results when searched.

Remove the extension of the URL to the slash (/) and try researching. You may have to remove a few extension until the search has a match. In this example, the URL https://www.netteller.com/ would have multiple results when searched.

If this update fails to eliminate Error 103 or 310, contact Customer Care with the following information:

  • The name of your financial institution
  • Which bank name is being selected during account set-up.
  • The website you use to connect to your bank and the URL once you have successfully signed in to your bank account
  • Which account type you are connecting to: business, personal, cash management, etc.
  • Which error code are you are seeing
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