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Run payroll reports in QuickBooks Online Payroll

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Learn how to run, print, and customize payroll reports in QuickBooks Online Payroll.

Do you want to get a closer look at your business' finances? There are several payroll reports you can use to view useful information about your business and employees. We'll tell you about these reports and how to access them.

Here are the reports available in QuickBooks Online Payroll.

Report nameDescription
Contractor PaymentsList of payments made to contractors.
Employee DetailsA snapshot of each employee, including pay rate, deductions, and tax withholding.
Employee DirectoryUse this report to verify employees' personal, work, pay, and tax info.
Multiple WorksitesProvides information you can use to complete your Multiple Worksites Report (if required by your state). 
Paycheck HistoryAn overview of past paychecks, including payment method and paycheck status.
Payroll Billing SummaryShows all the charges billed to your QuickBooks Payroll account.
Payroll Deductions/ContributionsShows all employees’ total deductions and company contributions.
Payroll DetailsGives you detailed info on your employee's payroll.
Payroll Summary by EmployeeA comprehensive report of wages, deductions, and tax info totaled by employee or period.
Payroll SummarySummary of the paychecks you’ve created, including total wages, taxes, and deductions.
Payroll Tax liabilityShows you how much payroll tax you need to pay and how much you’ve already paid.
Payroll Tax and Wage SummaryGives you the total subject wages, excess wages, and taxable wages by tax type.
Recent/Edited Time ActivitiesAny recently entered or edited time activities will show in this report.
Retirement PlansEmployee and company contributions to your retirement plans.
State Mandated Retirement PlansEmployee contributions to state mandated retirement plans
Time Activities by Employee DetailThe products and services (time activities) each employee provided, including hourly rate and duration.
Total PayGives you the employee’s total pay by pay type
Total Payroll CostShows you all costs associated with paying your employees, including total pay, net pay, deductions, and taxes.
Vacation and Sick LeaveShows you the employees' time off accrual and usage info, which includes the hours used and the current balance of their time off policies.
Workers' CompensationDisplays wages paid for each Workers Comp class.

You can also view the description of each report in your online payroll. Just select the Help (?) icon next to the report name.

Access payroll reports

  1. Go to Business overview, select Reports, then select Standard.
  2. Scroll down to the Payroll section or enter the report name in the search field to find the report.
  3. Search results appear when you enter a report name. Select the report you want to view.
  4. Filter your report by employee, date range, and work location, then select Run report.

Additional features

You can now mark reports as your favorites. With this, you can easily access these reports in the Favorites section.

  1. Go to Reports, then Standard.
  2. Scroll down to the Payroll section.
  3. Next to the report name, select Favorites .
  1. Access the payroll report you want to customize.
  2. Select Customize.
  3. Select the items you want to include in your report.
  4. When finished, select Run report.
  1. Access the payroll report you want to print.
  2. Select Share ▼.
  3. Choose how you want to print your report:
    • Export To Excel: If you want to print your report in an excel file, select this option. An excel file gets downloaded, open and print the report.
    • Printer Friendly: If you want to print your report exactly how it looks in your payroll account, select this option, then Print.

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