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A memorized report does not open or opens a different report

Perform the troubleshooting steps in this article when a memorized report does not open or a different report opens.

The Verify Data utility (File > Utilities > Verify Data) may add these messages to the Qbwin.log file:

  • ERROR--Error: Verify Memorized Report List: TotUsed is XX, expected XX Error: Verify Memorized Report list: Display index invalid.

  • LVL_ERROR--Memorized Report recnum XXX (Name of Report) contains corrupted formatting data. recnum 140 -- This memorized report must be deleted.

This can occur if the memorized report or the memorized report list is damaged. Instead of opening the report that you want:

  • Nothing happens because the location does not exist or is empty.
  • A different report opens because the instructions point to a different location.

Solution 1: Basic Data Damage troubleshooting

  1. Re-sort the Memorized Reports list.

    1. From the Reports menu, select Memorized Reports, then choose Memorized Reports List.
    2.  Go to Memorized Reports, then select Re-sort List.
    3. Select OK when you get the prompt "Are you sure you want to return this list to its original order?"
  2. Run the Rebuild Utility which repairs transactions and list damage in your company file (although limited to the damage it is programmed to fix).

    1. From the File menu, go to Utilities > Rebuild Data.
    2. Select OK if you receive a warning message to backup your company file.
    3. Your computer may display the message QuickBooks is not responding however, as long as you can move your mouse indicator, wait for it to complete.
    4. Select Ok when you get the message Rebuild has completed.
    5. Run Verify Data to check for remaining data damage. If the second verify fails, proceed to Step 3.
  3. Use the QBWin.log to find and resolve data damage.

    1. Find QBWin.log from the Product Information screen.Note: If you are working with a support agent, on the Tech Help window (before you open the file), choose Send log files to Intuit support. This will send the files to a repository that will enable the agent to view your log files.
    2. Open the log file.
    3. Search for (CTRL+ F, then type) BEGIN VERIFY and locate the most recent one (logs are in date order with latest at the end).
    4. Find LVL_ERROR. Copy and paste error into help search.
    5. Follow directions to resolve issue.
    6. Run Verify Data and repeat if additional errors are found.

Solution 2: Recreate the Memorized Report group

  1. Back up the QuickBooks company file.
  2. From the Reports menu, select Memorized Reports > Memorized Report List.
  3. From the Memorized Report drop-down arrow, select New Group.
  4. Enter Z Do Not Use in the Name field, then OK.
  5. Move all the reports that do not work to that group:
    1. Right-click an affected report, then select Edit Memorized Report.
    2. Select the Save in Memorized Report Group checkbox.
    3. From the Save in Memorized Report Group drop-down arrow, select Z Do Not Use.
    4. Repeat for all affected memorized reports.
  6. Create 15 to 20 new memorized reports and save them in the Z Do Not Use group.Note: The new reports should occupy the damaged slots in the Memorized Report List. The number of reports required varies by file.
  7. Select the Memorized Report > Re-sort List > OK on the message that follows.
  8. Close and reopen QuickBooks.
  9. Recreate and memorize the reports you need.
Important: If you delete reports that don't open from the Memorized Report List, then undamaged reports will move up into the empty slots and they may become damaged

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