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Track and send payouts in QuickBooks Commerce

Learn how to track and send Amazon and Shopify payouts to QuickBooks Online. 

Amazon and Shopify send your sales order payouts to QuickBooks Commerce. These payouts are amounts you receive after they deduct returns and operating expenses from sales order payments.

When you receive your payouts, you can send them as bank deposits to QuickBooks Online. This updates your books and lets you know how each sales channel is doing.

Step 1: Set up payouts tracking for your Amazon and Shopify accounts

Important: Before you track payouts, you need to connect your QuickBooks Online account and set up your sales channels.
  1. Go to Sales Orders, then select Payouts.
  2. Select Track my payouts.
  3. Select View payouts settings.
  4. From the Payout Sync ▼ dropdown, select how you want to send your payouts to QuickBooks Online: Manual or Automatic.
    • Manual sync. If it’s your first time tracking payouts, you can manually send a payout first. Once you send the payout, you can check the deposit to know if QuickBooks Online records them in the correct accounts.
      Note: You can always switch to automatic sync once everything’s all set up.
    • Automatic sync. QuickBooks Commerce automatically sends your payouts to QuickBooks Online.  
  5. Select the accounts you use to receive payouts and record expenses.
    Note: If you connect your bank accounts to QuickBooks Online, you can match your payouts with your downloaded bank transactions.
    1. From the Bank Account ▼ dropdown, select the account you use to receive your payouts.
    2. From the Credit Card ▼ dropdown, select the card you use to pay expenses you incur for using Amazon or Shopify.
    3. From the Expense ▼ dropdown, select the expense account you use to record fees.
      Note: The expense dropdowns you see depend on the operating expenses for the sales channel. 
  6. Once you’re done, select Save changes.

Step 2: Send your payouts to QuickBooks Online

When you start receiving payouts, you can send them to QuickBooks Online.

If you set your payout sync to automatic, QuickBooks Commerce sends the payouts for you. When you go to your payouts list, you see all the payouts sent and their deposit links.

If you set your payout sync to manual, you need to manually send your payouts to QuickBooks Online. Here’s how to send payouts one by one or by bulk.

Send payouts one by one

  1. Go to Sales Orders, then select Payouts.
  2. Go to the Shopify or Amazon tab.
  3. Select a payout. Make sure the status shows “Ready to Send.”
  4. Review the payments, returns, and expenses details. 
  5. When you’re done, select Send to QuickBooks Online.

If you want to check the payout deposit in QuickBooks Online, select the deposit link.

Send payouts by bulk

  1. Go to Sales Orders, then select Payouts.
  2. Select the Payout # checkbox. This selects all the payouts.
    Note: You can only send a payout once. If you need to, you can select the payouts you want to send at the time.
  3. From the Bulk Actions (All selected) ▼ dropdown, select Send to QuickBooks Online.

If you want to check the payout deposits in QuickBooks Online, select each deposit link.

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