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Send your tax info to TurboTax Online (Self-Employed or Live)

Learn how to send your tax info to TurboTax Online.

QuickBooks Self-Employed and TurboTax makes your tax preparation and filling easier, helping you save time. Here's how.

To help you prepare for your annual tax, check out QuickBooks Self-Employed - Annual taxes guide.

Note: If you signed up through your accountant, you can't subscribe to the tax bundle (QuickBooks Self-Employed tax bundle and Self-Employed tax live bundle). They will file your return for you.

For our bundle customers

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Self-Employed.
  2. Go to the Tax Checklist to complete your tasks.
  3. Select Let's wrap things up, then Review final tax summary.
  4. Select Send my info to TurboTax, then you'll be prompted to double-check your TurboTax sign-in info.
    Note: Make sure that your QuickBooks and TurboTax credentials are the same in order to connect. Changing the login credentials to match will not connect the accounts. If you use a different TurboTax login, contact us through the Help tab.
  5. Select It's OK to send my info. This will redirect you to the TurboTax page.
  6. On the TurboTax page, select Continue to validate your Self-Employed info.

Your QuickBooks Self-Employed data will appear once you've completed the self-employed questions. Then QuickBooks sends your total income to TurboTax.

However, you may see that your self-employment is still incomplete. TurboTax guides you on some important questions about your income to report it correctly on your tax return.


  • Meal expenses are sent to TurboTax at 100% deductible. TurboTax then determines the deductibility (50% for most businesses).
  • QuickBooks estimated tax payments generally cover federal income and self-employment taxes, but not state taxes.

Also, you need to manually enter some information in TurboTax as these items require more attention:

Note: TurboTax will recognize that it's been included in your monthly QuickBooks subscription when you send your info to TurboTax. If you don't automatically send your info to TurboTax, you'll be prompted to pay your filing fees. Contact QuickBooks support if you are prompted to pay.

For our non-bundle customers

You can now export to TurboTax. Use TurboTax Self-Employed in order for your information from QuickBooks to copy over.

If you're using an accountant or another tax prep method, we have two reports for you that summarize your self-employment tax info:

  • An annual tax summary in PDF format. This lists your taxable business profit and total amounts for each Schedule C deduction category.
  • An annual tax details in XLS format. This lists every transaction, grouped by Schedule C category, for the year.

To find these reports:

  • Go to Taxes, then select Annual taxes.
  • Go to Reports, then choose Tax summary or Tax details.

If you wish to upgrade, check out QuickBooks Self-Employed + TurboTax bundle.

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