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Consolidate duplicate clients in QuickBooks Online Accountant

Learn how to consolidate duplicate clients on your QuickBooks Online Accountant Client list.

Have you noticed the same clients are listed in your Client List, under Your Practice, and your Customer List, under Your Books? This is normal because by default these two lists are synchronised. Any client you create in one is automatically added to the other.

However, it's possible that you've ended up with duplicate entries in the Client list. This usually happens when you add a client to both the Client List and the Customer List. In this article, we'll show you how to use the Merge Client Utility to help you combine duplicate clients.

Before you get started

Note: If you're not an accountant, you don't have a customer list. Here's how to merge duplicate customers on your customer list.

Duplicate clients listed in your Client list can be combined into a single entry by using the Merge Duplicate Clients utility.

With the Merge Duplicate Clients utility:

  • You choose the company details to keep for each matched pair of clients
  • Transactions and notes (recorded under Your Books) for both client entries are kept
  • Team access permissions to the QuickBooks Online subscription are retained

Only the Master Admin and firm users with Full Access can perform a consolidation. Other users will not see the option.

Merge duplicate clients

The Merge Duplicate Clients utility lets you match Target clients (clients who are attached to a QuickBooks Online subscription) with clients that are not tied to any subscription. Even though they are duplicates, only one will be tied to an account.

To consolidate duplicate clients:

  1. Select Settings ⚙️.
  2. Under Tools, select Merge Duplicate Clients.
  3. On the Merge Duplicate Clients page, select Get started.
  4. On the Select Duplicates page, select the checkbox for each QuickBooks Online client to be merged.
  5. For each selected client, select the name of the client to merge with from the Matched Client Name drop-down list. You must select a matched client for each Target client you selected.
  6. Select the Select client contact info button.
  7. For each match, use the drop-down lists on the Select client contact info screen to specify the client contact data (for example, Company name, Display name, Email, or Mobile) to keep when the clients are merged.
  8. Select the Verify changes button when you have specified all of the data to keep.
  9. On the Verify changes screen, review the information to be merged, and select Merge clients.
  10. Select Done.

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