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How can I edit my employees' PTO balances?

QuickBooks Team

Employees and payroll

Hi there, jmcintosh.


I suggest to manually edit each employee's PTO balance in the Employees details.


Here's how:


1. From the left menu, click Workers.

2. Select Employees tab and choose the name of the employee.

3. Click the pencil icon in the Pay section.

4. From the How much do you pay employee? section, click Edit.

5. In the You can also pay section, pick Paid time off.

6. Edit the employee's PTO balances in the Current Balance box.


7. Hit Done.


For additional information about setting up and tracking time off, vacation, and sick pay for your employees, check this article: Set up and track time off in payroll.


Please check this article on how to add your salaried employee’s sick pay or vacation pay hours in your employee: Enter sick pay or vacation pay hours for salaried employees.


Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns. Wishing you and your business continued success.

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Employees and payroll

What about employees that go from Full time (accruing PTO) to part time, no longer accruing. For some reason once that switch is made all employee's paystubs show no accrual including all previous ones when employee was accruing. I am trying to find out how much employee had accrued when the switch occurred but cannot get that info from any payroll reports.


It's as if employee never accrued.



QuickBooks Team

Employees and payroll

Hi there, DXT. Thanks for reaching out to the Community.

You can run a Vacation and Sick Leave report to get an exact amount of paid time off hours accrued by an employee during a given period.

Here's how:
1. In your left navigation bar, go to Reports.2. Enter Vacation and Sick Leave in your Find report by name search field.
3. Choose Vacation and Sick Leave.

4. Use the Employee menu to show which worker(s) you're looking for.
5. Hit Run Report.6. Click your amount displayed under CURRENT VACATION AVAILABLE for the employee you're reviewing.7. Utilize the Date Range drop-down to pick/enter which dates you want to review.
8. Press Run Report.9. Review your employee's HOURS ACCRUED column to see how many PTO hours they've accrued in the date range you entered.

You'll also be able to export and/or print a copy of this report by using your Share ▼ drop-down arrow in the upper right, then choosing either Export to Excel or Printer Friendly.

You can find many helpful resources about using QuickBooks in our help article archives.

Please feel more than welcome to reach out anytime. Have a lovely day!