QuickBooks Team

Employees and payroll

Hello there, aleshiawalker.


We have updated our customer support options, so we're unable to give you a callback here in the Community. However, you can request for it through the Help menu in your account.


  1. Go to the Help menu.
  2. Select the Contact Us button or type your concern in the search box to get related articles. 
  3. Choose the Get a callback button.
  4. Enter all needed information.
  5. Click Confirm my call.

I've attached a screenshot below for your reference.

3 QBO Call Back.PNG



Once done, one of our representatives will contact you through the phone number you've provided.


I want to make sure somebody from our support team will respond to your request. Kindly refer to this article for the different types of support we offer at Intuit and its availability: Support hours and types. It also contains important reminders about occasional downtime in the Footnotes section.


You can also share the details of your concerns with me here in the Community. I'll make sure to address them with the right resolution.


I'm also adding the link where you can find articles about QBO's common questionsHelp articles.


Please don't hesitate to comment below if you need further assistance. I'm just around to help.