Print Checks

You've created a bunch of checks in QuickBooks. Here’s how you print them out.

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Navigate to the Print Checks Menu

On the sidebar, click Expenses and select Print Checks .

Select Type of Check and Preview Sample

In the Print checks setup module, select either Standard or Voucher style for the type of checks you want to print.

Next, load some blank paper into your printer for a test run.
Then, click View preview and print sample.

You’ll see a new screen that shows you a sample page of the content that will print on your checks. Click Print at the bottom of the screen to print the sample page for your test run.

Align Preview Sample and Continue Setup

Take the sample printout and hold it up in front of a light. Place one of your blank QuickBooks Business Checks on top of it. The sample numbers on your printout should align with the Amount boxes on your checks.

If not, that’s okay — a lot of printers don’t align perfectly on the first try. To realign the fields for your check printouts, go back to the Print checks setup module. At the bottom right of the screen, next to where it reads “Are the fields lined up properly?” click No, continue setup.

Update Adobe PDF Reader

Update your Adobe PDF Reader for free if yours is out of date. Click Download the latest version of the Reader in section A and install the software on your computer.

Next, click View and print sample in section C.

If your test run still needs work, click No, continue setup again at the bottom of the screen.

Adjust and Fine-Tune Alignment

To fine-tune your printing, drag and drop the amount grid to match the spot where the misaligned numbers are printing on your test run checks. You want to drag and drop the grid to the place where the amount is actually appearing on your test printouts — not to where you want the grid to appear on the sample image. This lets QuickBooks figure out how to adjust the alignment for the next printout.

Open a Check

Go to the ​Plus Sign Menu ​and under Vendors ​choose ​Check​.

Enter Payee Info

Type the payee’s name in the ​Choose​ a payee field. If this is a new vendor, click ​Add​.

When you do this, it will open a New Name window where you can click Details if you want to add more information. Otherwise, you can do this later and just click Save.

Choose an Account

Choose either a checking or savings account or you can add a new one.

Enter Date

Enter the check’s payment date, which might not be today’s date.

Choose an Account Category

Under ​Account Details​, click ​Account​ and choose the appropriate category for the item or service you bought.

Add a Description

In the description field, you can name and describe the item or service you want.

Check Amount

In the amount field, type the amount for this check.

Click Save

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