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Get to know user types and permissions

It's important to give appropriate user types and permissions to the people who access your QuickBooks Online company. It helps you minimize overlap in bookkeeping work and protect sensitive company info.

    • You can review the changes made by users in the Audit Log.
    • QuickBooks Online Simple Start only has a Master Administrator while QuickBooks Online Essentials has Company Administrator and Standard user.
    • Time Tracking and Reports Only users are essentially free users. They do not count towards the total of number of users in your QuickBooks Online subscription.
    • Learn more about user management, including how to add, delete, or change a user's access.

    • Using QuickBooks Online Advanced? With its user type called "Custom user," roles are more granular, so you can delegate more tasks and worry less about unintended access to company info.

Types of users

Master Administrator

Typically the person who created the company file.

Company Admin

This user has access to all areas of the company file. The Master Administrator can also grant this user access to the company's subscriptions and billing information.

Accounting Firms

You can invite up to two accountants/accounting firms to have access in your company file.

Standard user

You can give full or limited access to Standard users, without admin privileges.

Custom user

This user can have more specific access and restrictions to areas of QuickBooks Online--letting you be more in control of what they see or do. Custom user type is only available in QuickBooks Online Advanced.

Reports Only (Read Only access)

These users have read-only access to all reports (except Audit Log and Payroll Reports). They can create a group of reports, memorize a report, and drill down as far as transaction reports but they don't have the ability to view the actual transaction. This user is only available in QuickBooks Online Plus.

Time Tracking Only

These users can only see time sheets and time reports for themselves. They don't have access to other areas of the company file.

Types of permissions

All Access Rights

Users with all access rights have permissions to all areas of Customers & Sales and Vendors & Purchases. User with all access rights can:

  • Change Company Settings
  • View the Audit Log
  • Create, edit and delete budgets
  • Add, edit and delete accounts
  • Make deposits and transfer funds
  • Reconcile accounts and make journal entries
  • View all reports

Unless, you set them up with No Payroll access, they can also:

  • Add, edit and delete employees
  • Create paychecks and handle all other payroll tasks
  • View paychecks in the register window
None (No Access Rights)

Users with no access rights cannot access any of the accounting features of QuickBooks Online. However, you can grant them access to:

  • Manage other services your company subscribes to
  • Fill out their own time sheets
Limited Access

This table summarizes the things that you can and cannot do depending on the level of permission that you grant to a user.

Areas and features of QuickBooks Online All Access Rights Customers & Sales Access Rights Vendors & Purchases Access Rights None
Company Administration
Access and edit subscription information X X Limited
Access and edit preferences X
View Activity Log X
Exportdata back to QuickBooks Desktop versions* X
Budgets X
View, add, edit and delete Users X X Limited
View, add, edit and delete accounts X
View, add, edit and delete customer information X X
View, add, edit and delete vendors X X
View, add, edit and delete products/services X X
View, add, edit and delete recurring templates* X Limited Limited
Invoices X X
Sales Receipts X X
Estimates X X
Enter Credits X X
Enter Charges X X
Receive Payments X X
Statements X X
Enter and Pay Bills X X
Enter credit card purchases X X
Make Bills and purchases billable to customers X X
Add billable time/expense to sales transactions X X
Deposits X
Journal Entries X
Transfers X
View Customer registers X X
View Vendor registers X X
View Bank registers X
View customer and accounts receivable reports X X
View Vendor and accounts payable reports X X
View Payroll Reports X
View Company (Financial) reports X
Banking Functions
Reconcile X
Online Banking X
Print Checks
Bank Checks X X
Refund Checks X
Paychecks X
Payroll Liability Checks
Create Checks
Bank Checks X X
Refund Checks X X
Paychecks X
Payroll Liability Checks X
Payroll Functions
Payroll Setup Interview If set up with payroll access
Process Payroll Forms If set up with payroll access
Paychecks If set up with payroll access
Time Sheets If set up with payroll access Limited Limited Limited
Notes: Users can only create recurring templates for transaction types they have access to.