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Troubleshooting ANZ direct feeds

SOLVEDby QuickBooks6Updated January 24, 2023

There are many reasons that your connection to ANZ bank may be unsuccessful. Check out the following troubleshooting steps to upgrade successfully to ANZ.

How to check which accounts are connected with standard feeds:

  • Go to Transactions, then Banking in QuickBooks
  • Click on an ANZ account to select it. Then, click the pencil button (edit). If the options on the card are “Edit account info” and “Edit sign-in info”, this is a standard feed which is eligible for an upgrade. Direct feeds will say “Edit account info” only.
  • Alternatively, if after selecting the ANZ account, a banner with “Get direct bank feeds” appears, that account is connected through a standard feed. Select "Get direct bank feeds" to start the upgrade process for this account.
    • Note: the “Get direct bank feeds” banner will only show after a standard feed account has been connected for more than 24 hours.

Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 10.28.37 pm.png

Direct feed account showing 'Edit account info'

Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 10.28.29 pm.png

Standard feed account showing 'Edit sign-in info' and 'Edit account info'. 'Get direct bank feeds' banner showing also.

How to resolve common errors when enrolling with ANZ direct feeds:

  • If there no message saying ‘Get direct bank feeds’:
    • Check that the account is not already a direct feed
    • Check that the account is not a 'ANZ Transactive' account. ANZ Transactive accounts are ineligible for direct feeds, and are not affected by changes to ANZ.
  • When going through the ANZ enrolment, if you get the error “Is your account already connected with QuickBooks? Don't worry, this can happen if you have more than one business using the same bank.”:
  • Use the Account Number associated with the credit card you want to upgrade. This is the 16-digit code which can be found on your credit card statement. Your account number is different to your Credit Card number, although it may look similar.

Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 10.44.36 pm.png

  • If the ANZ website is showing ‘ANZ Product is not supported for Direct Feeds’. Your account may be ineligible for bank feeds. Please see ANZ Bank Feed FAQ’s for more information.

1. Check the ANZ account details used when enrolling to direct feeds in QuickBooks:

  • For bank accounts, please ensure the correct BSB and Account Number have been entered. To do this, you must re-enrol your direct feed connection in QuickBooks.
  • For credit cards: ensure you entered your Account Name in the Account Name field and your Account Number in the second field, labelled Credit Card Number. This must also be done by re-enrolling your direct feed connection in QuickBooks
    • Note: your Account Number is a 16-digit number that can be found on your credit card statement. Do not enter the credit card number that is shown on your card.

2. Check your 19-digit QuickBooks “unique reference number” has been entered correctly in ANZ online banking.

  • Your unique reference number is the same as your QuickBooks Company ID, which can be found by logging in to QuickBooks and pressing the following keys on your keyboard.
    • Windows: Ctrl + Alt + ?
    • Mac: Control + Option + ?
  • Confirm this number is correct on ANZ by signing in to ANZ Internet Banking. Go to Settings, then Manage bank feeds and select your account(s) under Intuit QuickBooks. Your unique reference number will be labelled “company ID”. If the two 19-digit numbers don't match, click Deactivate this bank feed. Then, reconnect with the correct number.

Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 10.49.47 pm.png

Note: ANZ calls to 'Exclude the last 3 characters when entering your Company ID'. For a successful connection, enter your entire Company ID and do not exclude any digits.

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