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QuickBooks Advanced Payroll

QuickBooks Advanced Payroll powered by KeyPay provides additional features to help save you and your employees time, for a low monthly fee per employee

To activate Advanced Payroll:

  1. Click Employees in the left-hand menu in QuickBooks,
  2. Click Payroll Settings, then under Business Management click Subscription.
  3. Click View other plans then click Upgrade


  • Advanced payroll can be disabled at any time from within the Payroll Settings.
  • Advanced payroll is billed directly by our partner KeyPay, so be sure to update your credit card payment details using the Enter Payment Information Button.
  • Advanced payroll, like standard, is billed based on how many employees you pay each month (not the number of employees), with unlimited pay runs per employee paid at no charge.
    • e.g. if you have ten employees, but only pay five during a calendar month, you will pay $6 per employee for a total of $30 at the beginning of the next month.

What’s included in Advanced Payroll? 

In addition to the standard QuickBooks Payroll features, you’ll also get:

•    Employee rostering – Advanced Payroll allows you to build rosters by budget, copy rosters from previous periods and manage access at an employee, department or business level

•    Pre-built awards – setup pre-built award sets covering base rates of pay, penalty rates and allowances. No more manual interpretation, with pre-built award installation, it’s done for you.

•    Time and attendance kiosks - employees can clock on/off online by entering their unique employee id and pin, no more paper timesheets.

•    Automated pay conditions - automate most payroll processes covering deductions, expense and employer liabilities. Set it once, and let us manage the rest.

•    ATO online form submission - generate ATO compliant reports within QuickBooks Payroll and submit directly to the ATO via the ATO Business Portal or the ATO ECI Interface

For more information about which Modern Awards are supported, and how to utilise Advanced features, please refer to Payroll Support, accessible by clicking Payroll Support within the Employee section. You can also visit their support site here.

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