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Export accountant's changes

by Intuit Updated 2 weeks ago

After recording the corrections, you export the Accountant's Changes (.QBY). This is the file that the client needs to import in order to apply the Accountant's Changes to the company file. You can export an Accountant's Changes by saving it locally or using the Accountant's Copy File Transfer (ACFT) service.

This article is a part of a series about Accountant's Copy in QuickBooks Desktop. To know more about other Accountant's Copy workflows and general information, see Accountant's copy overview.

Take note! Exporting Accountant's Changes (.QBY) is done by accountants or persons who handle the financial information of their client.

To export Accountant's Changes (.QBY)

  1. From the File menu, select Send Company File.
  2. Select Accountant's Copy then View/Export Changes for Client.
    Note: Select + to show detailed information of the changes you made.
  3. (Optional) Save a copy of the changes by selecting Save as PDF or print it by selecting Print.
  4. If you want to save the file locally:
    1. Select Create Change File.
    2. Choose the appropriate location you want to save the file in then Save.
      Note: Ensure there is no asterisk (*) in the file name field.
    3. Select OK.

    If you want to send the file using Accountant's Copy File Transfer (ACFT):

    1. Select Send Changes to Client.
    2. Enter your client's e-mail address, your name, and your e-mail address.
    3. Select Notify me when the client imports the changes if you would like to be notified.
    4. Select Send.

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