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Verify Error: QuickBooks found a problem with the Acct # / Card # / Note field for other asset

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Learn how to fix error QuickBooks found a problem with the Acct # / Card # / Note field for other asset.

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If you see this message when you run the Verify Data Utility, we can help you fix it.

DMEDLEditListElement.cpp (127) : CHECKPOINT: 6204: Tue Mar 19 14:24:07 Decryption error in [Record Field Name] for '[Error Displayed Name]': Failed. The decryption has failed.


Record Type: AccountsRecord Field NameError Displayed Name
BankBank Account NoAccount Bank Number
BankRouting NumberAccount Routing Number
IncomeNoteAccount Bank Number
ExpenseNoteAccount Bank Number
Fixed AssetNoteAccount Bank Number
Other Current LiabilityAccount No.Account Bank Number
Other Current LiabilityRouting NumberAccount Routing Number
Credit CardCredit Card Acct No.Account Bank Number
EquityNoteAccount Bank Number
Accounts ReceivableNoteAccount Bank Number
Other Current AssetAccount No.Account Bank Number
Other AssetAccount No.Account Bank Number
Accounts PayableNoteAccount Bank Number
Long Term LiabilityAccount No.Account Bank Number
Cost of Goods SoldNoteAccount Bank Number
Other IncomeNoteAccount Bank Number
Other ExpenseNoteAccount Bank Number
Non-PostingNoteAccount Bank Number


Record Field NameError Displayed Name
Credit Card No.Customer: Job Credit Card Number
Resale No.


Record Field NameError Displayed Name
Social Insurance No.Employee Social Insurance
Date of BirthEmployee DOB


Record Field NameError Displayed Name
Supplier Tax IDSupplier Business Number

Step 1: Update QuickBooks

Make sure you're on the latest release of QuickBooks.  If you aren't, update QuickBooks.

Step 2: Create a backup

Before you troubleshoot, you should always back up your data. Backup your QuickBooks Desktop company file.

Solution 1: Check for a damaged Admin User

Note: Your admin user controls the encryption software. We'll have to reset the password because it's the only way to reset the encryption.

  1. Log in to the company file as the QuickBooks Admin. (If you're not sure which user is the admin, check your Roles Assigned.  It will list it as Admin*.)
  2. From the Company menu:
    • Pro/ Premier: Select Set up Users and Password and then Set Up Users.
    • Enterprise: Select Users and then Set Up Users and Roles .
  3. Select the default Admin user and then Edit User. (The default user is the one with the role listed as Admin*.)
  4. Change the admin password to a temporary password (Example: TEMP123).
  5. Select Next and then Finish.
    • If QuickBooks crashes while you encrypt your file, restore your backup and follow the next solution.
    • If the encryption process completes, do the QuickBooks process that triggers the error. If you receive the same error, proceed to solution 2.

Solution 2: Manually edit the information

  1. Edit the account, customer, employee, or supplier referenced in the warning or QBWin.log.
  2. Delete the info in the field and make it blank (clear the field).
    • If the info in the field appears correct, make note of the info and then clear the field.
    • If there is no info in the field, select the field and then clear the field.
  3. Select OK.
  4. Go back and edit that same account, customer, employee, or supplier.
  5. Enter the correct info in the Field Name.
  6. Select OK.
  7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 for each name you see in the warning message or QBWin.log file.

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