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Import and update team members in QuickBooks Time using a CSV spreadsheet

SOLVEDby QuickBooksUpdated December 21, 2023

If you have more than a handful of team members, adding them to your QuickBooks Time account as users can seem like a daunting task. Use these instructions to add or edit your team members more efficiently.

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Time, and select My Team, then select Add team members.
  2. Select Import from software, then select Spreadsheet (.csv).
  3. Next, do one of the following:
    • For a spreadsheet template, select Download our spreadsheet template.
    • Select Export team member list, then select Export List to download a list of existing active and archived team members.
  4. Make edits or additions to the spreadsheet according to the following outline:
    • Only one entry per line, and there must be a header line.
    • Possible values for the header line are listed below. Only the First and Last name fields are required. All others are optional, and will only be updated or added when present.
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • User Name - If this field is not included/populated and a new user is added, the Username will auto-generate as first initial, last name (ex: jsmith). Don't remove or change the username of existing team members in the spreadsheet, or a duplicate user will be created.
      • Email - Entering an email is recommended for password resets and notification emails.
      • Employee # - An employee number (numeric only). Can’t start with a 0. If their number starts with a 0, use the Payroll ID column. 
      • Payroll ID - Commonly used in exports to a payroll system (alphanumeric)
      • Hire Date - Date the team member was hired
      • Group - If you put a group here that doesn’t match an existing group, a new group with that name will be created
      • Pay Rate ($) - Enter only a number, no currency symbols
      • Per - Must be 'hour' or 'year'
      • Salaried - Y/N or 1/0
      • Exempt - Y/N or 1/0
      • Manage their timesheets - Permission - Y/N or 1/0
      • Admin - Permission - Y/N or 1/0
      • Mobile time entry - Permission - Y/N or 1/0
      • Enabled - If the user is in the active or archived list
      • Phone # - Should be in the format ###-###-####
      • Kiosk time entry - Permission - Y/N or 1/0
      • Timezone - For example, Canada/Mountain
        Note: Refer to List of tz database time zones for more details.
      • Kiosk PIN - Four-digit number used for Kiosk access
      • Active - If the user is in active or archived list
      • View schedule (company, group, own) - Scheduling permission, must be entered as ‘company’, ‘group’, or ‘own’
      • Manage schedule (company, group, own) - Scheduling permission, must be entered as ‘company’, ‘group’, or ‘own’
  5. Back in the Import Team Member List (.csv) window, select Choose file, find the file, and select Open. Then select Next.
  6. Select View details to display the number of successful updates or additions, and display any errors with the reason. You can fix them and re-upload if so.
  7. Choose to Send invitations to added team members to set up their QuickBooks Time account (if an email was added), and/or Skip password change for existing users (if the password wasn't changed in the spreadsheet).
  8. Select Import List.

Note: To archive a user, type Archived in the Active column to archive them upon import.

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