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Fix bank error 187 in QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 3 months ago

Check before you call

If you aren't able to resolve your bank error manually using the steps on this page, check the Bank feed status page to see if it's an ongoing issue.

If the error you're experiencing appears on that page, we're aware of the issue and are working to fix it. You don't need to call Support to report or resolve it.

Learn how to fix bank error 187 in QuickBooks Online.

Do you see error 187 when you sign in to do online banking? Don't worry. This means your financial institution’s additional security requirements, such as security questions or one-time passcodes, weren't entered correctly.

To avoid this error, make sure to do the following:

  • Enter your one-time password immediately after generating it.
  • If you have a new card, and you’re using a card reader to generate your one-time password, disconnect and reconnect your account.
  • Use your own card when you generate an one-time password from a card reader.
  • Add a zero at the beginning, middle, or end of the 8-number passcode. Reach out to your financial institution to make sure of your passcode format.

If you still see error 187, go to your bank's website. Make sure your security questions and answers are correct. 

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