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Where do I find information about beta testing?

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If you're interested in beta testing for any of our Intuit products, sign up through our Intuit External Testing Portal.

Why should I become a tester?

You can influence features and design of our next-gen products and services. Testers who finish our test requirements earn rewards. This can include Intuit Swag, gift certificates, and FREE products and services.

What’s the difference between Alpha and Beta?

We test the product in phases:

  • Pre-Alpha - We share feature concepts for review with testers. Testers can influence which features we invest our efforts in. We usually present this through images and survey(s).
  • Feature Alpha - We share wireframe builds of features in the new product. Testers experience the flow and functionality of the potential feature. Feedback influences changes in presentation and functionality.
  • Product Alpha - We apply features and share the product from the wireframes. Testers experience the flow and functionality of the features. Testers can influence any final changes to the presentation and functionality before the feature is set.
  • Product Beta - We share the product in the final stages of its development. It includes the features we apply from the Alpha. Testers use the product with live data to identify potential defects. We address the defects before launch.

Can I choose what products I want to test?

Yes! When you sign up to become a tester, you fill out a tester profile. The profile includes some non-personal info about you. You select the Intuit products and services you use and want to test. We use this info to notify you of opportunities.

How do I sign up to be a tester?

To become a tester, sign up through our Intuit External Testing Portal. 

How do I get free products?

When you sign up to be a product tester, you’ll be presented with opportunities to earn rewards. These can include limited to free products and services. We base these rewards when you meet participation requirements.

How are testers chosen?

When you sign up at https://beta.intuit.com, you’re entered into our pool of possible testers. We use the info you provide in your Testing Profile to send invites. Once you have an invite to a project, there’s usually a qualification survey. This survey helps us understand more about you as a tester. It allows us to make the proper selections based on predefined demographics.

What do I do if I no longer wish to be a tester?

Testers can opt-out of a project or the product testing pool. This can be done through a request. Testers who’re inactive for more than 90 days are auto purged from the testing pool.

I’m not in the United States. Can I be a tester?

We offer testing to customers in the United States and Canada. We don’t offer testing for the United Kingdom, through Centercode.

  • Note for Canadian customers, this site is currently available only in English.

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