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QuickBooks Online Accountant Pro Tax T1 and T2 carry forward

Carry forward is a service that allows existing client information from previous year’s returns to be “carried forward” into a new return, saving time and effort for tax preparers. The carry forward process imports personal information such as names and street addresses, plus detailed tax information such as Undepreciated Capital Cost (UCC), unused RRSP deductions, and so on. Users can carry forward the previous year’s return or a return prepared using a competitor’s product.

1. Open the T1 or T2 return.

2. Select the T1 or T2 tab.

3. Select the Import returns from ProFile under the Import returns menu.

The Select files to import wizard displays.

4. Click the Browse for returns button; navigate to the location of your returns and select those to be carried forward (maximum of six). Alternatively, navigate to your returns (maximum of six) and select those to be carried forward. Drag the selected files into the wizard and drop them.

The files populate in the wizard.

5. Click the Next button.

The Match returns to a client wizard displays.

6. Select the client under the SELECT CLIENT drop-down menu and select the matching return under the RETURN NAME drop-down menu.

7. Click the Next button.

The Importing returns to Pro Tax wizard displays and the import process begins.

8. Click the View returns button when the import process completes.

Note: Users are able to carry forward multiple returns at a time. To do this, select all the clients that you need to carry forward and under Bulk actions drop-down and select Carry forward returns.

QuickBooks Online Accountant Pro Tax users now have the option to carry forward T2 TaxCycle returns. Learn how.

In some rare cases it will be necessary to export the return and review it on the desktop product ProFile. This does not carry forward the return to the next year. Rather, it will export to the same tax year for return.

To export to ProFile:

  1. Open the T1 or T2 return.
  2. Click the Return actions button.
  3. Select the Export return to ProFile option from the menu.

Is batch carry forward supported?

Yes, in Pro Tax you have the ability to select and carry forward multiple returns. ProFile and TaxCycle allow for the upload of multiple returns at once for carry forward.

When will other supplier carry forward be supported?

You can now carry forward data from more third-party tax software in Canada including Cantax, TurboTax Desktop, DT Max, and TaxPrep. Learn how.

What tax years are supported for carry forward?

Review supported tax years in this FAQ. Carry forward is only supported for these tax years.

Is a carry forward summary available in Pro Tax?

Not at this time, no.

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