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Fix bank error 192 in QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 2 months ago

Learn how to fix bank error 192 in QuickBooks Online.

Bank error 192 means that your bank requires additional sign-in info, preventing QuickBooks Online from automatically downloading bank transactions.

Note: If you get a bank error or can’t download transactions, you can manually upload bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.

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Fix error 192

If you experience bank error 192, you can reach out to your financial institution. Here are  some tips if you use Bank of America and Wells Fargo:

Bank of America

Bank of America’s SafePass is an additional security that causes bank error 192. 

  • If you try to connect your Bank of America account and you get the error, you need to remove SafePass.
    Note: You can find instructions on how to turn off SafePass at the Bank of America website.
  • You can set up a separate employee login on the Bank of America website if you opt to keep SafePass. You can disable SafePass in this account but it has restricted permission where you’re only allowed to query bank data.
    Note: If you need help to set up a separate employee login, contact Bank of America.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo sometimes locks accounts that prevent Bank Feeds in QuickBooks Online from connecting. This is to make sure that their customers have the correct email and phone number set up in their accounts.
Note: If you can access your account on the bank website but get error 192 in QuickBooks Online, contact Wells Fargo. They can help you unlock your bank account.

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