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Find out more about mobile check deposit

by Intuit Updated 2 weeks ago

Find out more about mobile check deposit for QuickBooks Checking using the QuickBooks Mobile or QuickBooks Money apps. 

Use mobile check deposit to deposit your checks remotely anytime and anywhere you are (US currency only). Mobile check deposit is offered by QuickBooks Checking and is subject to eligibility criteria. Your QuickBooks Checking account must be active and in good standing. There are no fees to use mobile check deposit. 

On average, it can take up to 5 business days to receive your funds. We’ll notify you when the money is in your account. You can also sign in anytime and check your transaction history.

All checks must be in your name, endorsed by you, and drawn on a bank account in the US or a US territory. You can't cancel a mobile check after you submit it. If you meet this criteria, you can deposit the following types of checks:

  • Business checks
  • Personal checks

We don’t accept these types of checks:

  • Non-demand deposit account (post no debits)
  • Credit card check
  • Line of credit, home equity, or a brokerage check
  • Foreign checks (routing number not registered by the American Banking Association)
  • Travelers checks
  • Savings bonds
  • US Treasury checks
  • 3rd party checks (not payable to you)

Note: To see your transaction limits, sign in to your account on a mobile device. We’ll display your limit when you snap the check.

Requirements for deposit

  • Sign your name legibly on the back of the check using blue or black ink.
  • Write For mobile deposit only after your signature.
    • Green Dot is a federally regulated bank and they require customers to write For mobile deposit only on the back of their checks.
  • Write Deposit Complete on the front of the check as a reminder that you made a mobile deposit.
  • Keep the check for 14 days in case we need it for verification or research.  After 14 days, you can shred the check or continue to keep it for your records.

Fix common issues

Money was removed from your account

There are two reasons money is removed from your QuickBooks Checking account after you use mobile check deposit:

  • The check writer’s issuing bank notified Intuit that the check was returned. If the funds were already deposited, Intuit will reverse the deposit. Contact the check writer.
  • Your customer disputed the charge with their bank.

Learn more about how to handle chargebacks.

Problem with a check

We’ll email you if your check gets rejected or returned. If rejected, we’ll resubmit your check. If we’re still unable to process your check or if it’s returned, you’ll need to follow up with the check writer.

You can try and cash or deposit your check somewhere else.

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